Mother In Georgia BLASTS School Board Over Masks And It’s EVERYTHING.

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-insert sassy claps-

These masks are causing more harm than good for the mental, emotional, and social well-beings of our children.

This mother in Georgia makes several solid points regarding how these mask mandates are debilitating these young children in schools by stripping them of their identity, restricting their freedom of expression, and eliminating their ability to socialize.

Then of course we have Karens such as this one –

Just a PSA for you, lady – a buttload of people have died from the Flu and we’ve never had to wear masks for that either… children are actually hella susceptible to the flu, by the way.

(Yes, “hella” is my preferred scale of measurement.)

If you want the vaccine, get it.

If you want to wear your mask, wear it.

If you want to be a hermit in your home and quarantine even longer, do it.

You want the freedom to protect yourself how you choose, then that’s your prerogative. However, if the rest of us want to strengthen our immune systems and not be controlled by the government, we also have the freedom of that choice.

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