Breonna Taylor’s Mother Blasts BLM Louisville And Rep. Attica Scott As “Fraud,” Says “People Have Lost Focus”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Tamika Palmer, mother of Breonna Taylor who was killed last year during the execution of a no-knock warrant, just blasted the Lousiville chapter of Black Lives Matter as a “fraud,” saying that they exploited her daughter’s death.

Total shocker.

Really, no one could have possibly seen this coming because no one has ever once suggested that the now global Black Lives Matter organization cares less about actual black lives and more about money, power, and political manipulation.

I’m joking, of course, because that’s been fairly obvious since the beginning.

In a Facebook statement, Palmer expressed irritation at the positive public assumption that BLM Louisville had “been here since day 1.” According to Palmer, she’s “never personally dealt with BLM Louisville” and has “found them to be fraud.” She also called out Democratic state Representative Attica Scott as “another fraud,” while praising friends and family who contributed without the expectation of notoriety.

The Facebook post that has since been made private stated,

“I think it’s crazy when people say they’ve been here since day 1, let me be clear Christopher 2x, The Montgomery family (Angie, Cheri, TiJuan & Craig) is the one and only day one’s not to mention Breonna’s friends and family but they’ve never needed Recognition immediately following is Until Freedom… I have never personally dealt with BLM Louisville and personally have found them to be fraud, Attica Scott another fraud, Then There’s the people at injustice Square a.k.a. BREEWAYY who has been 100 and held it down but that doesn’t go to say everyone down there but they know who they are & also never needed recognition…I could walk in a room full of people who claim to be here for Breonna’s family who don’t even know who I am, I’ve watched y’all raise money on behalf of Breonna’s family who has never done a damn thing for us nor have we needed it or asked so Talk about fraud. It’s amazing how many people have lost focus Smdh. I’m a say this before I go I’m so sick of some of y’all and I was last anybody who needs it I’m with this shit enough is enough[.]”

Of course BLM co-founder Tamika Mallory posted a lengthy response to the attempt to tarnish their sparkling reputation, part of which said,

“I cannot sit back and allow the work of my team and all those who traveled back and forth from around the country to support our work to be slandered. Not by people who know better…those who lie to make themselves look like they did things they did not do. It is our job to protect the integrity of our work and our organization. And we will do that.

Aside from what I just stated, the other truth is we are just tired of the bs. We have done the Michelle Obama “go high” thing. That doesn’t work all the times. So now if you swing and lie, we’re swinging back. I don’t care if people say we’re ugly, dumb, wack…that’s all cool. But you won’t get away with lying on our work.”

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She the apologized for how other people have allegedly treated Breonna Taylor’s family, saying,

“Tamika, I’m sorry that people keep saying you don’t know what happened and that you don’t know who was helping and that you don’t know what needed to be done.”

As far as apologies go, this is a fairly non-apologetic one. The kind you make when you’re actually not sorry and you’re mostly using your apology to dunk on the other person as being totally off base. But I honestly didn’t expect much more.

Remember the other day whey BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors said that the outrage about her multimillion dollar property purchases and the obvious juxtaposition between her preached politics and her lived practices was actually being manufactured by white supremacists and the right-wing media offensive?

Yeah, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Tamika Palmer is neither a white supremacist nor part of a right-wing media offensive. And yet here she is calling out BLM as exploitive frauds. At a certain point, they’ve got to take a long hard look at why people across the spectrum might be saying these things, right? A little self reflection, maybe?

Of course this whole story undermines the approved woke progressive narrative about the Black Lives Matter organization and ideology. And according to Fox News, “Messages to Palmer, Scott, and Black Lives Matter Louisville were not immediately returned. So maybe the mainstream media and Big Tech will return the message by simply disappear Ms. Palmer’s story altogether, and then telling the public that it was just misinformation.