Terrorists Caught At The Border, Everything Is A Hot Mess!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In case you missed it back in January when a foreign national from the FBI watchlist was detained at the border, ANOTHER individual (both from Yemen, both on the FBI watchlist for terrorists) was captured trying to cross the border near the same port of entry in California. Not at the port of entry, but near it. Like someone not using the front door to get into your house, but the bathroom window.

I’ve been assured that this is simply called “immigration”?

You may not have heard about the first detainee, or even the latest one. While you might mistakenly think it’d be a topic of great importance, the media has been extremely busy covering EXTREMELY interesting things. At his second press conference appearance (nearly a month after the first) Biden was peppered with questions about his opinion on Trump, and things the former President has allegedly said or done. I don’t know about you, but with Biden making it rain executive orders in the Oval Office, I have far more pressing issues on my mind. But I’m not the mainstream media, what do I know?

One might be tempted to ask if the situation at the border can NOW be considered a crisis, seeing as how there are CURRENTLY 18,000 unaccompanied minors in facilities. Well. Then you’d have to ask if unaccompanied minors occupying the same border facilities Trump used in past years would be labeled as kids in cages, or if  plans to “plug the holes in the wall” is the same thing as constructing a border wall. We all know those things are raaaacist, so we can’t possibly ask about that. Yes Biden, tell us again if you’re a little mad at Trump, or a lot mad. There are entire hours of news coverage filled with…nothing.

We’re assured by press secretary Psaki that encounters with suspected terrorists at the border are very uncommon. She does not clarify how many suspected terrorists crossing the border would be too many; I would think that number is one, but this administration sets their own standards.

In case you’re wondering, individuals from at least 55 countries have been apprehended at the border since Joe Biden popped up the “I’m not saying come on over, but everyone is welcome to just come on over” sign. Border patrol has encounter 171,00 migrants in March alone. Please read that number again. That’s terrifying. They’re predicting enough amounts of Fentanyl to kill half the population of the U.S. to cross the border soon. I’m not trying to freak you out, but this is some bull shiz.

If leftists are willing to gather thousands in the streets to yell naked at the sky for rights women already have…if they can organize and finance entire campaigns to ban full-semi-automatic-short-barrel-AR-machine-guns and their .50 caliber rounds, then surely, SURELY we can get a spotlight pointed at the hot mess happening at the border right now.

Even if Joe Biden drowns in his pudding cup and Kamala replaces him tomorrow, it will take decades to undue the damage he’s done. I know we’ve only just begun, but seriously, WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER.