MLB Game Moved To State With Same “Offensive Laws”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’m not a baseball fan, I don’t pretend to know what’s happening in professional sports. If I’m going to a sports viewing party at someone’s house, I’m making mini roast beef sammies and playing in the corner with their dog. I might play bartender, or entertain the kids. I’ll wear a cute outfit in the proper colors, if so inspired, though I don’t care who wins.

But I am from Georgia. So when news of the “racist and oppressive” Georgia voter ID laws started circulating, I got the mass texts and forwards to boycott certain businesses to show my disproval of voter suppression. An April 2 boycott was scheduled for all plays, theaters, and movies. On April 6th, people were supposed to avoid buying gasoline or airline flights, and avoid retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Chick-fil-A.

I no longer live in Georgia. If I did, I would have spent that entire day hanging out in aisle six of Home Depot while eating massive amounts of Chick-fil-A. That would be after filling every last vehicle in our household and the portable emergency cans with premium gas.

Alas, I could not spite the boycott via active opposition or encourage others to do the same, but I could ask questions. I asked what part of the law was suppressive, to whom, and how so. I didn’t get a straight answer. Imagine that. Eventually I simply asked people to 1. Stop sending me political things without prompting, thank you, and 2. Stop sending me “calls to action” they haven’t even looked into.

A friend who lives in Georgia encountered similarly empty answers, and it sparked a discussion about how her first grader was assigned the task of labeling statements as fact or opinion (a task she excels at). A FIRST grader. Meanwhile here are leftists, acting like blind lesbians in a fish market. So confused. (I know, it’s inappropriate. But, it’s funny so, OH NO! Yeah, I don’t care). I’m sure there are conservatives who have trouble differentiating fact from opinion, I’m not saying we are without fault, BUT…how many leftists seem to be genuinely baffled by the concept?

Dude. It’s like, all of them!

Bob’s hat is red. Bob’s hat is racist. Please label which, if any, is a fact and which is an opinion. Leftist answer – Masculine hats are a symbol of the patriarchy and should not be viewed with oppressive absolutes like definitive coloring. A bigot might see a red hat while a more enlightened person would understand the spectrum of colors working in harmony to produce the illusion of red. It’s also insensitive and Nazi-like to define a hat as red when colorblind people might not be able to see it that way…and everyone knows red hats are racist.

This is where we live right now.

For leftists to cheer because the MLB All-Star game was moved from Georgia (due to their “horrid” voter ID laws) to Colorado (which has nearly the SAME voter ID laws) really boggles the mind. Atlanta venues, vendors, and employees will miss out on a lucrative event bringing business to the city so that social justice warriors can grandstand with a self-own. I just can’t even. I hope supporters of this move refuse to show IDs when they buy alcohol at the game or pick up their tickets from will call.

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Governor Kemp explained the stupidity and the hypocrisy, but I’m sure that all of the people up in arms about this have already moved on to bigger and better things, maybe more racist Dr. Seuss books? You never know with the woke crowd. If anyone in your life is full of dumb ass opinions about Georgia’s new racist laws, here are some actual facts you can share with them.