Woke Progressive Lunacy Targets Sarah Paulson For Refusing To Include Her Pronouns In Her Twitter Bio, Despite Her LGBTQ Activism

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Do you remember the DC woman, Lauren Victor, who got mobbed by Black Lives Matter activists who demanded she raise her fist in solidarity? She refused, and was subsequently threatened and screamed at by the angry and unruly mob. She even explained that she really was sympathetic to the cause and supported the movement, but that it wasn’t the mob’s place to force her to do anything. But radical woke progressive activists think they have every right to do anything they want, and you only have the right to acquiesce to their demands.

You see, radical progressives maintain that “silence is violence,” so not only are you not allowed to disagree, you also aren’t allowed to remain passive on the subject, or even remain quietly supportive. You are expected to vocally and actively participate with them.

Well, Wednesday was apparently “Transgender Day of Visibility.” And some members of so-called “Gay Twitter” are big mad at actress Sarah Paulson, a vocal LGBTQ advocate who is in a same-sex relationship and who recently criticized J.K. Rowling for supposed anti-trans bigotry.

Here’s the story.

Despite her pro-LGBTQ views, activism, and lifestyle, radical woke progressives expected Paulson to also post her pronouns in her Twitter bio, which has become a call-sign for radical progressive ideology and activism, on “Transgender Day of Visibility.” One Twitter user demanded of Paulson,

“Put ur (sic) pronouns in your bio it’s not that hard.”

Sarah Paulson, who is a free-thinking individual who can make her own decisions, refused to do so simply because someone was demanding that she do it. Paulson responded,

“It’s also not that hard for you to not tell what to do.”

One user then insisted she just do it because “its (sic) a very simple thing to do,” and another admitted that “it was kinda rude” to ask (or demand) in that way that Paulson include her pronouns, but said it is “actually really important” and would “mean a lot to many people if u did it.”

Pretty much immediately after Paulson refused to submit to the radical progressive demands, those same radical progressives began calling for the actress to be cancelled, even going so far as to say that her refusal to include her pronouns in her Twitter bio was “transphobic.” Just like refusing to post a black square on your social media a few months ago was tantamount to actively calling for the violent death of black Americans. To the radical woke progressive activists, you’re either vehemently supportive of their chosen cause or you’re a violent and vile bigot who doesn’t deserve to be permitted in society. Those are your only options with them, which is absolutely absurd on its face.

Then the party of compassion, empathy, and inclusion proceeded to send some of the most vile and hateful comments to this woman who is actually their ally.

One comment suggested that her pronouns were “dumb/whore” or “ugly/b**ch,” and others simply called her a “c**t” and a “fugly b**ch,” among other colorful insults.

All this because she didn’t want to be forced to include her preferred pronouns in her Twitter bio.

It’s social extortion by radical progressive lunacy.

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