Delta Boycotts Georgia Over New Law, Activists Lose Their Minds After State Legislature Rescinds Delta Tax Breaks

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Recently, Georgia passed an election integrity bill which has been highly, and wrongfully, criticized. It’s almost like most of the critics have never actually read the bill because even President Biden got four Pinnochios from Washington Post fact-checkers when he intentionally spread misinformation about the bill. And there’s been a whole lot of that going around. One of my favorites is the fake claim that voters aren’t allowed to eat or drink when going to vote, which some are saying is an inhumane rule. But that’s a complete misrepresentation, as the bill actually stipulates that politicians and political party operatives are not allowed to give out food and drink to voters who are standing in line. And common sense agrees with this, as that kind of behavior seems like it could be a low-key voter intimidation, like, “Oh, you’re super thirsty standing here in this line to vote? Well, I happen to have a bottle of water right here in my hand, and I’m hoping people will choose to vote for me, and I’m trying to decide who I should give this bottle of water to. Were you thinking you wanted this bottle of water right here? Well, I’m thinking I hope you choose the right candidate when you vote in a few minutes.” See how that rule actually makes sense?

All kinds of interesting people have been commenting on the Georgia bill, notably the Delta Airlines CEO. On Wednesday, Ed Bastian weighed in on the new Georgia laws, which commentary comes after Delta joined several other companies in boycotting the state of Georgia for their constitutionally implemented election integrity laws.

Initially, Delta backed some parts of the bill. But then some radical progressive activists called out Delta for not opposing the bill that activists thought they should have opposed. So then Bastian bowed to the radical progressive mob and vehemently spoke out against the state of Georgia, saying,

“The entire rationale for this bill was based on a lie: that there was widespread voter fraud in Georgia in the 2020 elections. This is simply not true.”

After reiterating that Delta would placate the woke mob and join several major corporations to try to “remove some of the most egregious measures from the bill,” Bastian said,

“I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.”

So then the state of Georgia was pretty much like, ‘Hey Delta, that’s cool. It’s still a free country so you’re entitled to your opinion and you’re entitled to use your position and power to influence things. But so are we. And if you don’t like our state and don’t like our completely constitutional decisions, then you’re welcome to take your business elsewhere. And you know those tax breaks you were going to get from our citizens? Yeah, those tax breaks are going to go away. Because why should our people give you lucrative tax breaks when you are using your power to bully our democratic and constitutional processes and decisions?’

And sure enough, Georgia state legislature held a vote to rescind the tax breaks, apparently in direct response to the criticism and boycott by Delta.

Georgia House Speaker David Ralston confirmed that this was pretty much their train of thought, saying,

“They like our public policy when we’re doing things that benefit them. You don’t feed a dog that bites your hand. You got to keep that in mind sometimes.”

Of course, The Washington Post was outraged that the Georgia legislature dared to do something like use their influence and position to effect change.

This guy, Greg Sargent, is the author of The Washington Post outrage piece. He sarcastically says it’s “amazing” that the Georgia legislature is doing this. And here I am like, “Yeah, it is amazing that they’re actually standing up to bully leftist activist corporations who throw their weight around to influence politics and society, then expect the states and citizens to just go along with it while they get rich off the politics and policies they bullied into existence.” I’m honestly impressed?

Listen to this snark from The Washington Post author:

“What’s at issue is the conduct of GOP leaders. These ostensible public servants, who are supposed to make decisions like this in the public interest (a quaint notion), expressly employed their legislative power to punish a private company for criticizing their efforts to restrict the franchise and for defending the rights of fellow Georgia citizens.”

Oh, the feigned and dramatic outrage.

The Georgia State Legislature represents the people who elected them. Therefore, their decisions are made based on defending the rights of their fellow Georgia citizens, even if it isn’t done the way leftist activist journalists and corporations want.

How dare they send a message in response to a message that was sent to them?

How dare they do exactly what they have been constitutionally elected and appointed to do, which is to pass such laws like election integrity bills, and to protect the state from vicious corporations who would take advantage and exert undue influence in political affairs?

How dare they not just bow to the woke mob and apologize for deigning to think that their job includes protecting elections and the interests of Georgia citizens, even if it’s not how a Washington Post writer might like?

Honestly, as I’m reading this Washington Post article, I’m really amused at the dramatics and histrionics this author is using to try to drum up controversy over something that is pretty much… normal. This dude used his very best language manipulation to induce reader outrage– “Lament the plight,” “wretched,” “blithely.” This dude is doing his absolute best word-smithing to get you to feel as outraged as he wants you to feel.

But that’s what happens when “journalists” are actually political and social activists.

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