Are The Biden Dogs’ Personalities Tied To Owner Treatment?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Joe Biden’s younger German Shepherd, Major, bit a second person this month. Or, as the media put it, he playfully nipped someone while on a jaunty walk. One of the Biden dogs (they’re not sure which one) left a pile of dung on the floor of the White House. You can view the first biting incident here.

We have a German Shepherd, and I take offense when people judge my sweet little people-eater, because what they think of him is a direct reflection on us as his owners.

I’m not saying that Joe and Jill are bad people because they can’t control their dogs. I don’t even know if it’s a lack of dog training or simply that the pups are in a new place and surrounded by unfamiliar people. Still, I’m going to provide what some experts say about the personality traits of people who own poorly trained dogs. Take from it what you will.

Stanley Coren, a noted psychologist and author of several popular dog books says:

“A poorly trained dog often says that the owner doesn’t spend enough time with the dog, or that the owner really doesn’t have much empathy with other people, so he or she is not bothered by the fact the dog is pestering or annoying others.”

“The two extremes of people who like guard dogs are those who want a dog to make them look as tough as they feel they are, and those who worry about the state of their world and want a dog to protect them.”

“If a dog has a persistent aggression problem and is encouraged by the owner in such behavior, it is likely that the owner has a persistent hostility problem of his own.”

Research has confirmed that dogs have personality traits dependent on how their owners treat them.

I don’t always like to jump to conclusions, but I don’t like Biden so I don’t mind. He doesn’t know how to run a country, or put a pen in his pocket, or read a cheat-sheet picture book, so I won’t be surprised if his dogs turn out to be unsupervised hellions. They’re probably used to pooping on the floors while he’s staring into his pudding cup.

I guess I’ll wait for the “Circle Back Girl” to inform us as to whether the two Shepherds will be serving another stint in Delaware as they did following the first kerfuffle. Or they could simply work to get their house in order. I know, I’m asking too much.