Former Trump Adviser Stephen Miller To Launch Legal Defense Fund To Oppose Biden Initiatives

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Politico is detailing a plan by former Trump White House adviser Stephen Miller to start a legal defense fund to challenge what they believe to be unconstitutional or overreaching by the Biden-Harris (Obama?) administration.

The group will be called America First Legal and will work to mobilize Republican attorneys general.

“During the Trump administration, we had the ACLU and three or four other advocacy groups consistently working with Democrats to coordinate against our policies. Miller is taking a page out of their book,” said a senior Trump administration official briefed on Miller’s plans.

Miller’s organization will join a fairly crowded ecosystem of conservativeleaning legal entities, including Judicial Watch, Alliance Defending Freedom and the Immigration Reform Law Institute. But unlike those entities, which tend to operate around specific issues, such as religious liberty, free speech or immigration, America First Legal (AFL) will be broadly focused on administrative law and executive overreach. That issue focus is derived, in large part, from the experiences that Miller and fellow Trump veterans confronted during the last administration.

Miller’s group is sorely needed. The left challenged Donald Trump at EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. Biden needs to be held accountable and challenged when necessary, which, let’s face it, will be often. We certainly cannot count on the ACLU to fight for conservatives and the Constitution.

Two people familiar with the group said they envision it becoming a conservative version of the American Civil Liberties Union, which filed 400 legal challenges against the Trump administration during the former president’s four years in office.

Miller has been putting America First Legal together with guidance from former Sen. Jim DeMint’s Conservative Partnership Institute and Clinton-impeachment lawyer Ken Starr, who also served on Trump’s first impeachment defense team. Gene Hamiton, a former Justice Department lawyer, has also been involved and is expected to oversee the group’s legal work since Miller himself is not a trained attorney, while former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, currently a senior partner at CPI, will serve on its board.

Three people familiar with the planning said Miller is eyeing a formal rollout in the next few weeks and had recently approached a number of individuals for potential funding, including Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts. A person close to Ricketts said he had offered no commitment in order to avoid a potential conflict given his current role as finance chairman for the Republican National Committee.

Well, I’m sold. Where can I donate? Let’s hope and pray America First Legal becomes a never-ending thorn in Biden’s side and experiences great success in defending our freedoms and rights.