Illinois Town Becomes First In Nation To Pay Reparations

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Well, the state I grew up in and spent the 32 years of my life, Illinois, is home to the fist city in the nation to pass and now spend money on reparations for black Americans.

Illinois has fallen so far from what it used to be. When I grew up, it was a Republican governed state and all the suburbs around Chicago were solidly red. No more. The state is in massive debt from which it will never recover and is straight up going down the tubes.

According to Breitbart, Evanston, Illinois overwhelming passed the reparations policy in November of 2019. In what could be considered a racist move, they voted to pay for the reparations with the marijuana tax.

On Monday evening, the Chicago Tribune reported, Evanston’s city council finally approved the first payments under the program, targeted at black victims of past housing discrimination:

The specific measure approved Monday in an 8-1 vote establishes a $400,000 housing grant program, the first expenditure of that larger fund.

The resolution approved Monday directs initial funding of $400,000 from the city’s Local Reparations Fund to a housing program that will award eligible individuals up to $25,000. That money can be used to help with a home down payment or closing cost assistance within the city; help pay for repairs, improvements or modernizations of an Evanston property; or help pay down mortgage principal, interest or late penalties on Evanston property, according to a memo from Kimberly Richardson, interim assistant city manager.

To qualify, an applicant must have “origins in any of the Black racial and ethnic groups of Africa,” according to the memo. Applicants must also be a Black resident of Evanston between 1919-1969, or that person’s direct descendant.

Applicants also qualify if they experienced housing discrimination due to the city’s policies or practices after 1969.

Well, I bet the white liberals of Evanston with white guilt feel better about themselves. Congratulations on taking money from people who never committed racist acts to, potentially, give it to people (descendants) who never were victims of any racist practice.

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This is just the first step towards slavery reparations. The Republican party must never allow that to happen. People who never owned slaves should never be forced to pay money to people who never were slaves.