Kamala Harris Laughing At Border Visit Question Exemplifies Overall Biden Admin Response To Crisis They Created

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

There’s an unprecedented crisis on our southern border right now. We’ve seen the pictures exposed by Axios and Project Veritas of people packed on the floors like little tinfoil-wrapped sardines in little plastic jail cells feigning Covid precautions despite untested and Covid-positive illegal immigrants being housed in the facilities and released into the country. Approximately 565 unaccompanied migrant children come into the processing facilities daily, which are at more than 700% capacity. The situation is significantly more dire than the “kids in cages” attack against former President Trump, despite the carefully crafted narrative with much gentler terms like “facilities for unaccompanied migrant minors” or even “migrant reception centers.”

And we all remember when AOC dramatically fake-cried at the fence of an empty parking lot for a “kids in cages” photo op. Her absence now is conspicuous. She really really can’t even muster up a few fake tears for a photo op with the thousand kids in cages thanks to Biden?

But more conspicuous is the absence of both President Biden and Vice President Harris, neither of whom have deigned to visit the border crisis that their own policies and promises created.

In fact, in true elitist fashion, Kamala Harris actually laughed and made a flippant and sarcastic quip about it when she was asked whether she intended to visit the overwhelming crisis that her administration created. Watch this.

Reporter: “Do you plan to visit the border?”

Kamala: “Um, not today.”

Then she laughs. About what? About the border crisis? About the audacity of the reporter to ask her an actual question about something serious? About the insinuation that there’s something serious going on at the border that she ought to take seriously? With tens of thousands of illegal immigrant adults and children packed into overwhelmed facilities as a direct result of her policies and promises, it really was just the wrong time to laugh.

Kamala: “But, um, I have before and I’m sure I will again.”

How incredibly dismissive and flippant of her to give that sarcastic non-answer. Did she really think the reporter was asking if she was literally going right that moment? Or was she hoping for a more substantive answer for the American people about their plan to at least acknowledge the crisis and hopefully address it in some way that wasn’t just throwing taxpayer money at it.

And to act like there’s nothing important happening at the border that might be worth visiting now, and she’s been to the border before, and she’ll probably go again, and one visit is the same as the next… What a slap in the face to the border states, cities, and citizens who are suffering the consequences of the Biden/Harris administration choices and subsequently watching them pretend like it isn’t happening. Like she’s being asking if she’s ever been to Disney World. Oh, yeah, ha ha ha, I’ve been before and I’ll probably go again sometime, but not, like, right this minute. I’m surprised she didn’t roll her eyes.

There’s a reason she failed out of the Democrat presidential primaries, and this flippant and sarcastic attitude was definitely a contributing factor.

But seriously, do they plan on acknowledging the crisis they created and taking responsibility for the consequences of their actions and promises? Or just keep hoping that the media will cover for them until there’s something else to distract the unwashed masses they rule?

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