Stop Letting The Left Decide Who On The Right Should Be Canceled

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The right has always been quick to disavow all those labeled as extremists or alt-right by the left. It’s a stance I’ve never questioned. Obviously we want to distance ourselves from the hacks who taint the message, how else are we to be legitimized? And since true conservatives are not racist, there’s no debate, get rid of the racists. Get rid of the conspiracy theorists and zealots, we’re trying to have an adult conversation here.

This is the mentality of many people. But after reading that minorities on the right are simply embracing our “multi-racial whiteness“, after watching Candace Owens be labeled a black white supremacist, after watching Pepe Le Pew be canceled for “rape culture” because he’s a smelly skunk persistently trying to get with a cat who doesn’t want him (because he STINKS, and he’s NOT a cat, not because he’s portraying some time of romantic rapist)…I’m wondering why we keep letting the left make the rules.

Think about it, some of them are certifiably insane. They wear vagina hats and scream naked at the sky. But then they say jump, conservatives say how high. They’re certainly willing to celebrate their bat-shit crazy leftist figureheads in lieu of criticizing them. Their suggestions should be given about as much weight as directions from a magic 8-ball.

Are there characters we should forswear? Absolutely. Should the left get to determine who that is? Definitely not. They can’t even figure out how many genders there are. I’d rather take financial advice from my twelve year old daughter, who recently stood outside of a store for twenty minutes when the sign read “back in 5” because she wanted to buy some weird, squishy, reversible octopus. No, I don’t know what that is.

The point is that I would take my daughter’s blind stock advice before I trust AOC to pour me a vodka on the rocks and not spill and/or poison it. Since that’s the case, why am I trusting leftists to dictate who should be ostracized from the right? Why are you?

Admittedly, I knew very few particulars about Richard Spencer outside of what I heard on the news during the Charlottesville debacle. When I looked him up, it was clear he was someone who SHOULD be disavowed. No love lost there. But I agreed with separating from him before I even knew everything he stood for. What about everyone else? Do we always know who we’re agreeing to cancel?

If it were up to the left, they would cancel all outspoken conservatives as racists, regardless of their ethnicity, because it’s the easiest way to shut someone down these days. I’m starting to wonder how many straight-speaking, strong conservative voices we allowed the left to silence without question. How many of the people listed on Wikipedia as white nationalists actually are, and how many are simply labeled that way so no one hears their message?

I’m not saying the Richard Spencers of the world deserve a second chance, he can stay in whatever hole he lives in, trying desperately to attach himself to different political parties whenever he thinks the opportunity presents himself. I’m simply saying, if the left doesn’t want you to hear someone, there’s a chance they might have something worth listening to.

It’s time to dig through the archives and see who should be restored as a respected voice on the right. The left won’t like them no matter who they are or what they say, it’s up to US to decide if they have a message worth listening to.