NPR and PBS Treat Left-wing and Right-wing Riots Differently

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

NPR and PBS are partially funded by the government. Meaning your tax dollars. So here are a few of the times that NPR and PBS have been blatantly hypocritical in their response to the months of left-wing violent riots across the country versus the right-wing violent riot that occurred at the Capitol building.

  • Remember when PBS denied that the radical and violent extremists who were terrorizing cities across the nation were anarchists saying there was no evidence?

  • Remember when NPR framed an incident between a car and some protesters in the worst possible light by using inflammatory language to paint the worst possible image? And then it turned out they were using their words to paint the wrong image, and the protesters were actually the ones at fault? Language is a tool of manipulation that the liberal media wields with incredible precision.

“It’s really important when we look at these uprisings around the country that we don’t dismiss them as simply random violence or foolishness, that there’s no political sensemaking happening on behalf of the people doing the work out here in the field. These are political responses.”

“These are people who are responding to structural injustice.”

“At the core, this is a principled, righteous resistance.

  • Remember when NPR did an entire segment designed to make an important distinction between the many peaceful protesters against police brutality and “the protesters who make the anti-police movement not entirely peaceful?” Because really, it’s important to separate those two groups: the peaceful many and the violent few. But NPR did exactly the opposite in reporting on the protesters in D.C. Instead of making that important distinction, NPR described how “Thousands of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol,” how they “they pushed past barriers onto the Capitol grounds,” and how they “climbed the scaffolding, looking for any way in to get to the capitol,” implying it was the the “thousands” engaging in this behavior. There is a conspicuous absence of any distinction between the tens of thousands of peaceful protesters who had peaceably assembled to make their voice heard, and the few who sought violence and destruction by forcibly breaching the Capitol building.

And don’t forget, your tax dollars are funding these organizations.