Amazon Takes Censorship One Step Further And Will Remove Parler From Its Web Hosting Service

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In the last two days, both Google and Apple banned the free-speech Twitter alternative, Parler, from their app stores. If Big Tech can’t control our speech on Twitter, they plan to control our access to alternative free speech platforms. But just because Parler doesn’t appear in your Google Play Store or your Apps Store doesn’t mean you can’t still use it on desktop. So Big Tech has taken censorship one step further and is refusing to host the site through their web hosting services. Not only will Big Tech restrict your access to the app, they don’t even want to let it exist.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that they are kicking Parler off of their web hosting services. The Parler company has 24 hours to find a new web hosting service or the site will go offline entirely.

Big Tech simply cannot allow Conservatives to have a voice. And, unfortunately for the millions of Conservative Americans who have opinions, morals, and ideals, Big Tech is dominated by progressive and radical liberals at every level. In fact, it was the employees at Amazon who initially called for AWS to remove Parler from their web services.

Parler CEO John Matze took to Parler to give the details to the public.

And he’s right. This is a coordinated attack by the radical left Big Tech designed to silence conservative voices. Why? Because they believe we are evil and dangerous and that the public is better served by removing our rights. And since they hold all the power in the Big Tech industries on which our society depends, they can wield this power at their sole discretion to silence us.