Not Quite Wall Of Shame – Worthy, But Still Deserving Of Mention.

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On tomorrow’s Mock ‘n Rob show, we’ll be playing three voicemails – all from the same person – who, because he can’t figure out how to comment on the Chicks on the Right FB page, has decided that Daisy and I are “fakes.”  He has other choice words for us too, and of course, Rob and I LOVE mean voicemails, so we’re excited to share them.  It’s always amazing to me when people get so angry at their inability to understand social media that they react in these extreme ways.  I mean, imagine being the kind of person who calls a radio show to voice grievances like this.


That said, after I received an email this morning from Sherri, who was seemingly having a similar difficulty, I realized that there are people out there who genuinely don’t understand why they’re not entitled to use the platforms other people build in whatever way they choose, and so I’m posting our exchange here in case it allows us to avoid further similar emails and voicemails.

There was so much context missing from this question, that I had no idea how to address Sherri’s grievance.  I mean, people are allowed to comment on pretty much every social media platform we have, just like they are on this website, so her accusation that we were trying to somehow go against conservative freedoms made no sense.  I asked for more information.

I mean, for all I knew, she’d been BLOCKED at some point due to being a complete troll.  Hence, my need to acquire more substantive information.  She responded.

At first glance, I thought she meant she was unable to comment on posts in our Facebook group for some reason, so I checked to make sure the comment feature was turned on, and responded again.

And then it became clearer.


Sherri wasn’t talking about commenting.  She wanted to post new content on our Facebook Group page.  To be clear, we allow visitor posts on our main page, because those posts then automatically get moved (by FB, not us) into a separate section called Visitor Posts on our page, and they don’t get mixed together with our posts.  On GROUP pages, anything that gets posted goes to the same place.  So, I attempted to explain why we only have OUR posts on OUR group page.

The older I get, the less of a filter I have, and the fewer f*cks I give about offending people, so y’all will have to let me know if that was too snippy.  I felt like it was just straightforward and direct, but I’ll admit I had a little attitude given that her ORIGINAL EMAIL was so accusatory.

We have the best community of followers on the planet (special shout-out to our regular commenters here on the website and our video tailgaters!), but every now and then, we get someone like Sherri, who can’t see her own entitlement syndrome.

And as I suspected, Sherri is not someone I’m going to miss.

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I looked up Sherri’s activity on our group page.  Instead of commenting and contributing to discussion on posts, she simply posted links to other stories/videos.  I guess she finally got fed up that NO ONE GAVE A CRAP about her extraneous links, and decided to take it out on us.

Anyway, no hard feelings, Sherri, but good riddance.