For The Triggered Followers Who Are Mad About My Post Yesterday. This Is For You.

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Holy crap.

Yesterday, after the Giuliani/Powell/Ellis presser, I was frustrated.  I wrote about that frustration right here.  And while those of you who comment right here on the site were awesome in response, like you always are, the responses from the folks on Facebook were INSANE.  I can’t tell you how many people I ended up blocking.

Let me clarify.  I don’t block people simply because they disagree with me.  It’s completely fine for people to disagree with me.  But if you’re gonna throw a tantrum and tell me you’re unfollowing because of it, or you say that I should call myself a Chick on the Left (holy crap that is the dumbest response ever), or you say that I no longer can say I support Trump just because I’m frustrated with everything that’s happening right now, or you insult me and call me names because I’m frustrated, then I’m going to save you the trouble of unfollowing, and Imma block you from ever getting to come to our page again.  When my kid is having surgery for the zillionth time and I’m missing my other kid’s birthday because of it, and when Covid restrictions are threatening holiday time with relatives, and when John Durham and Bill Barr haven’t put anyone behind bars, and when Trump’s lawyers call a presser that leaves me with more questions than answers, and YOU THEN INSULT ME IN ANY WAY ON OUR OWN FACEBOOK PAGE, that’s when I reach the up with which I can no longer put.  That’s when I decide you’re not the kind of person I want following us anyway, because frankly, you’re ridiculous.

Plenty of folks, to their credit, were disappointed with my post, but they let me know it in a reasonable, civil, and kind way, and that’s completely fine.  Conservatives need to be OK with not agreeing with each other on every last thing.  That’s NORMAL.  What’s not normal is the dumbass reactions from people who were saying the idiotic stuff I referenced above.  Calling me a dumb b*tch or a traitor to the country and screaming about how you’re never going to read my stuff again is legit insane behavior, and someone needs to flick you in the forehead really hard.

In addition to those reactions, there were several people who told me that I need to “do my research” and said that I was failing at my job as a journalist.  They must be new here.  So for the benefit of anyone who is visiting our site for the first time, and who sees that the name of it is “Chicks on the Right” and even with that GIANT INDICATOR still think we’re journalists, let me just clear this up for you right now.  We’re not journalists.  We’re not reporters.  We have never wanted to be journalists or reporters.  We are opinion writers.  That’s it.

Erin was one such moron who screamed at me to DO MY JOB, and then told me she could do a better job at my job than I can, even though she has no idea what my job is.

NOPE.  That’s a big fat NOPE, Erin, you miserable hag.

Yeah.  I had totally reached the up with which I could no longer put with that psycho.  She will not be returning.

Here’s the thing.  A bunch of people are linking to random YouTube videos, or in Erin’s case, demanding I watch a fellow commentator for evidence, or telling me that OF COURSE Rudy and Sidney aren’t providing any evidence right now because they’re saving it for the courts.  NONE OF THAT changes a single word in my original post.  I am still frustrated.  How are you not?  How are you still OK with the fact that the Durham investigation has yielded no action against folks like Comey, Brennan, Strzok, and others?  How are you still OK with the fact that literally nothing is happening to Hunter Biden? How are you OK with the fact that instead of focusing on what might be very real issues of voting irregularity that still have to be proven with respect to this election – the MSM is distracted by Rudy’s dripping hair dye?  How are you ok with being told over and over and over and over again that there are PILES AND PILES AND PILES of evidence proving Trump won the election, and then seeing NOTHING CHANGE in the election results?  You’re seriously going to tell me you’re perfectly content with how everything is going right now?  And if you are, can I please have some of whatever you’re smoking because it must be some seriously awesome sh*t.

Contrary to what all of the triggered hysterical people are saying, I haven’t lost hope.  I still think the election was borked.  I am still hopeful that evidence will prove that Sidney and Rudy are 100% right.  BUT I AM ALLOWED TO BE F*CKING FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW.

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By the way, for those of you lovely folks out there who’ve sent well-wishes for my son and who’ve been praying for him, thank you.  He is out of surgery, it seems to have gone OK, and now we just have to do the hard work of getting through this weekend.  Keep those prayers coming, if you would please!