The Chicks Were Together On Saturday and We Made This.

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Daisy and I saw each other IN PERSON yesterday, and we had the most delicious brunch ever near our office downtown, which included beignets that were almost New Orleans level good. It was glorious.

We signed books, we made video messages for people, and got caught up on personal stuff, and then we did an Instagram live for a change of pace from our usual daily FB lives.  If you missed it, which is likely considering I think we only had around 600 viewers out of the nearly 270k people who follow us on IG, you can see it right here.  It was short and sweet!


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Next get together is tentatively scheduled for December 13th, which will be after my kiddo’s second surgery and Thanksgiving but before the Christmas hullabaloo. We will still be doing personalized video messages through the Cameo app for folks (and will be reactivating our account for orders the week before) but we’re also thinking of ways we can continue fulfilling those video message requests after Daisy has made her move to TX next year. So stay tuned for news about that.

In the meantime, here’s something to make you crazy this morning.