Conservative-Friendly Movies On The Horizon From A New Company

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I wrote earlier this week about conservatives leaving Facebook for alternative social media applications like Parler. One new conservative venture that will be making waves is Antonio Sabato, Jr’s production company, ConFlix Studios.

Conservatives have long felt ostracized by Hollywood. Film and television scripts often denigrate Christian values, masculinity and femininity, and traditional homes. Hollywood actors and actresses can be blacklisted for not complying with the status quo or expressing “unapproved” views. Lately, people have been deleting their Netflix accounts and just living without television and movies. I’d be hard-pressed to list anything good that was released in the past five years anyway, so it hasn’t been a difficult sacrifice for many to make.

Antonio Sabato, Jr, most famous for his role on General Hospital and an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2018, found he wasn’t the only Christian or Conservative being pushed out of Hollywood. Being from a family of immigrants who lost some members to Nazi death camps in Auschwitz and others to communist government rule, Antonio has been outspoken about his support of American values and Christian values. It’s no surprise that this made him unpopular in Hollywood. After losing all support in 2016 for endorsing Trump, and hearing of other actors and actresses who shared his struggle, Antonio put a plan into action.

“We are putting together a plan to create a conservative movie studio for all patriots to do projects that Hollywood would never do,” Sabato tweeted. “No more blacklisting and no more injustice from the socialist’s elites.” 

Guys, I’m legit excited. My family has resorted to watching old series for family TV time, and they’re great, but there are only so many episodes of Family Matters or 7th Heaven. My adult(-ish) son will even laugh with us through The Golden Girls, but eventually, we are going to run of out things to watch, or one of our favorites will disappear from Hulu like Home Improvement (bring it back!).

The production company’s first project, Trail Blazers, will debut next year. It features Kristy Swanson (yes!), Stacey Dash (yes!), Kevin Sorbo (OMG), Scott Baio (I can’t take it) Dean Cain (YES!), LORENZO LAMAS and more. I’m actually squealing like a pig wrestling for food. It could feature talking pandas at this point and I would still give it a fair shot.

I’m nearly 40, I appreciate an inappropriate joke just as much as the next broad, but what I do not enjoy is sitting next to my kids and keeping my hand on the remote because I don’t know if the family movie, full of kids, will have cursing and nudity in its PG rating. At one point I tried to keep the kids’ Netflix lists full of things they were allowed to watch, but there really wasn’t much in there. Not to mention some of the kids series I thought would be good really weren’t. Why don’t they ever have any parents? And why do they always talk back to adults? And why are they always out unsupervised, getting into trouble, with no real consequences? And then singing about it? WTH.

You don’t have to be religious to recognize that Judeo-Christian values have a long-standing tradition of building moral character in our society. Removing those values from schools, books, movies, and television along with the lazy, friend-like approach to parenting has led to morally bankrupt children and teens following the examples of morally bankrupt adults. We can’t always do much about what our children encounter in school, but we can control what comes into the house by way of entertainment so that by the time their moral character is being tested, the foundation is fairly solid.

If you’re looking for something in the meantime, Pureflix is supposed to be a streaming app with thousands of family-friendly movies. We’ve signed up but haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t give it my full endorsement. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think, or simply leave other recommendations. We’re all in this together! Antonio’s book, The Untold Story, is supposed to be a good read as well, so plenty of things to look into!