Counting Update, Snuffalupagus Wants Trebek’s Job, And More Tuesday Haps!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The left is acting as if Biden is Actually President, y’all.  We have officially entered Bizarro World.  But listen, Joe has brought dogs back into the White House, so the media fawning over him and the Biden family has begun.  Never mind that his son is a crack-smoking, China-enabling treat to national security.

Nothing to see here.  Please don’t distract from the groupthink, minions, or we’ll destroy you and your family.  Don’t you know this is AMERIKA NOW?

Get with the program.

We’re also dishing on who wants Alex Trebek’s old job, and other Tuesday haps.  Join us!

And happy Tuesday, y’all.