Have You Caught On To The Dreams Trend? Stop What You’re Doing And Listen To This Chick’s Voice.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

If you’re up on social media trends, perhaps you know about the resurgence of Fleetwood Mac’s (and specifically Stevie Nicks’) song Dreams.  It all started with a TikTokker riding a skateboard to the song while drinking cranberry juice. 

A zillion people, including members of Fleetwood Mac themselves, have put their own spin on that and released their own videos in response.  But one in particular, of a rising vocalist, caught my attention.  She’s not skateboarding, she’s just singing (although she does have a jug of cranberry juice!), and you guys – her voice.  Her voice is so gorgeous it literally hurts.

Listen, follow Lanie Gardner on her various channels, and encourage this young brilliant singer to keep on singing, because DAYUM.