Black Trump Supporter Drops Truth Bombs on White BLM Protesters

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In the name of wokeness (but actually light laziness), I’m going to refrain from paraphrasing and defer to the expertise of this black man.

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We al know the racist white liberals worst enemy is a black man or woman that is a free thinker! They are so bold as to want to ask a BLACK MAN is he believes #blacklivesstillmatter ! But as usual like most cowards will run away when challenged.. _________________________________________ Posted @withregram • @5th.dimension.robyn BLACK LIVES MATTER . . . #liberalismisamentaldisorder #liberalismisadisease #redpilled #conservatives #maga #trump #makeamericagreatagain #silentmajority #keepamericagreat #fucksocialism #democratssuck #cringe#liberalismisamentaldisorder #trumptrain #magacountry #socialismsucks #blmsucks #blackliesmatter #libtards #donaldtrump #trump2020 #louisvilleprotests #louisville #draintheswamp #antifa #blm #blacklivesmatter #breonnataylor #breonnataylorslifematters #certainblacklivesmatter

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Instagrammer Royale Dinero shared with us an encounter with white BLM protesters, and it went pretty much the same way these things always go:

  1. Republican drops inconvenient truth bombs on liberals.
  2. Liberals can’t deal.
  3. Liberals flee.
  4. Deservedly smug victory for Republican.

The video begins with Dinero recounting an exchange from moments before, in which the protesters inquire of him whether black lives matter. “I said, ‘Hell, I’m black. Of course, my life matters,'” Dinero responds.

As they engage in step 3 (the flight from inconvenient truth bombs), Dinero and an unseen companion follow the protesters to ask if they’ll kneel to him and kiss his shoe, in a cheeky reference to a viral video of white people “atoning for their racism” by doing the same. He shouts after them, “I’m black! Take a knee for me!”

“Oh, that is racist, ain’t it. Yeah it is. That’s some racist sh*t,” Dinero goes on. “That’s what you support. You’re pathetic if you sit up there and support people who want to tell you that you need to act a certain way because you’re white.”

The protesters have no reaction to being called “hypocrites,” “self-hating white liberals,” or “racist liberals.” In fact, the only response the protesters actually make to is when he points out one of the girl’s shirts as racist for saying “Monkeys” and they inform him that it’s a band. Which is hilariously indicative of their actual priorities.

I think it’s safe to say they learned a valuable lesson, though: Don’t ask a black man in a Trump hat if black lives matter unless you’re looking to be smacked down.