To Get Trump, They Had To Get Flynn First. Now They’ve Been Caught. [Opinion]

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And, you guys, They almost got away with it. What happened here should frighten us all– every American — even if you still hate Trump. As Trump has said many times, this can never happen again to another President; it can never happen again to The United States of America.

Let me start with this trailer to kick off the big picture:

#FLYNNOCENCE, you guys! It’s happening. It’s September 25th, and it’s another ‘All In For Flynn’ kind of Friday –- except, of course, for mainstream media sources that attempted to sell us all on the Russian narrative for years. Will they soon plead the 5th?

That pretty much sums it up. I could stop there, but I’m fired up angry over all of this corruption, so I need to keep writing so get comfy, so hear me out.

I included this tweet in a General Flynn article I wrote in April; it’s a picture-perfect tweet of my own experiences over the past year:

I’ve woken up angry about all of this numerous times. Whenever I have, my husband, my rock, my source of balance, has told me to breathe because it is not something that affects my daily life, but I respectfully disagree. It affects all of us, in a HUGE way, and I think we’re about to find out how and why.

When the latest news on “FLYNNOCENCE” hit my screen on Thursday, I was so ticked off I was almost shaking, fired-up angry at Obama cronies but even more disgusted with the media that propagandized this lie for years.

Read this next tweet from Senator Marsha Blackburn. Then read it a second time, and chew on it. These Obama cronies were so corrupt they knew how bad it would be if ever uncovered.

Insert sarcasm: Did you know if you worked for Team Obama, you could buy liability insurance to cover your arse if you got sued for a crime? I mean, this is seriously corrupt. And the mainslime media has been silent on this since Thursday. Gosh, I wonder why.

The media, Democrats, and RINOs have outright brainwashed young kids, young adults, AWFLs (Affluent White Female Liberals), and so many on the left into believing that the entire Trump team is working for Russia. You guys, there are ‘intelligent’ people walking amongst us who still believe that batcrap!

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And the corruption doesn’t stop at the FBI or DOJ; it has seeped into the judiciary too.

Are you ready for justice? I know I am. And I am thinking we’re at the precipice where justice is about to happen and people seem to be waking up. Still, so many among the brainwashed and indoctrinated remain under the spell of corrupt propaganda.

The magnitudes of psychological and cultural damage caused by the evil of these lies and media brainwash will take years to recover (and “re-educate” as liberals would say). So many young people, young citizens of the Obama generation, hate Trump so deeply because of a big, corrupt, evil lie. I’m being serious when I ask this question: Who will pay for the therapy they will need when they soon learn how their “King Boyfriend Obama,” has betrayed them (and all of us)?

Okay, maybe I’m being dramatic, but seriously, it makes me seeth with anger and cry at the same time, you guys. This lie has done immense crap-tons of damage to our country, and the mainslime media is literally up to this minute STILL TRYING TO COVER IT UP!

Over the past year, I’ve written several pieces surrounding the travesty of justice for Flynn; it’s a case I’ve been extremely passionate about. I’ve long been following Techno_Fog on Twitter per the recommendation of Dan Bongino, author of ‘Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump.’ If you have any questions about the Flynn case, Techno Fog likely has the answer for you on Twitter.

In January, I wrote this when Flynn withdrew his guilty plea: “Spoiler Alert: Sidney Powell has withdrawn Flynn’s guilty plea…because he’s not guilty.”

“The Obama administration’s vile case against Lt. General Michael Flynn is so vindictive, and the corruption behind it runs so deep, it’s challenging to follow all of the wrongdoing that has been done. But General Flynn is a patriot and a fighter, and from what I can see, signs are pretty clear that the corrupt powers that built ‘Obama’…well, they went and targeted the wrong patriot with their ‘power.'”

In April, I made this statement: “It is quite clear to anyone paying attention that Flynn is an innocent victim subject to a corrupt Obama administration frame job, and charges against Flynn should be entirely dismissed.”

“The bottom line is this: Why did they target Flynn? Because to ‘get Trump’ they had to ‘get Flynn’ first.”

“What does that mean for America? It means the entirety of the anti-Trump Russian Collusion narrative was one gigantic lie propagated by the media for years. It means that the media queen of the Russian Narrative, Rachel Maddow, has a lot of explaining to do. It means that the entire Democrat Anti-Trump Russian narrative was a lie and a setup and an attempted coup. And it means, hopefully, that the whole Democrat sh*t show is about to SOON face a reckoning.”

“Now it is up to FBI Director Wray to do the right thing. Why he hasn’t released this evidence in the past couple of years is mind-boggling. I want to trust that he’ll do the right thing, and maybe it will be John Durham who ensures that he does. Time will tell.”

Well, @MajorPatriot suggested this in April, and Flynn for FBI Director remains my vote today.

And now September 25th, and here’s the proof that many of us have speculated for a while:

Seriously, if you guys go all the way back to what Hannah Bleau wrote about Flynn for COTR in February of 2017, she highlighted how the late Charles Krauthammer called it as soon as Flynn resigned from the DNI post: “This Is A ‘Cover-Up Without A Crime.’”

Come to think of it, speaking of Krauthammer, my favorite quote of his was when he said, “The Obama Admin Should Try Telling The Truth, It’s Easier To Memorize”

They even went so far as making up a fake affair between Flynn and Svetlana Lokhova – another fabrication and complete lie. They destroyed anyone who got in their way and didn’t care.

“They never thought she [Clinton] would lose. Now they all lose,” is one of my favorite quotes I’ve seen fly around twitter for several years, and it’s so true.

What the heck did They have to cover up that is so bad? That’s the bigger question I’ve been asking for years. They would have to be pretty desperate to do all of this, so They must have had to cover up a crap-ton of corruption, amiright? Just deducing some common sense.

Stay tuned for more news on the General Flynn case. I’m sure the coming days will be filled with updates, but don’t look for the corrupt media to cover it for you anytime soon.

Meanwhile, join the Flynn family and demand justice. Here’s the family statement they released Friday afternoon. May God Bless General Flynn and his family.