Kim Klacik Knocks New Ad Completely Out Of The Park

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Kim Klacik is the GOP nominee for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District.

The Democrats HATE Kim Klacik, and that makes me love her even more. She is a black woman with drive, determination, and the capability to think for herself. These characteristics scare those in the Democrat party that want to keep black Americans on what Candance Owens calls the Democrat plantation.

Klacik is capitalizing on Trump’s retweet of her first ad and her explosive interview on the View. If you haven’t seen the View interview, please do. The best part is Kim Klacik calling Joy Behar out for blackface. Hahaha, suck it, Joy.

In the new ad, Klacik takes to the streets of Baltimore again. Instead of showing the Democrats’ failures in her beloved city, she shows her vision of what Baltimore could be under her leadership.

She says, “Our streets should be a reflection of our leaders: clean, not dirty.” The double meaning wasn’t lost on most people. In the ad, she physically put the trash into a trash can, but as we know, most of our leaders, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, are dirty. It is so simple yet brilliant.

As she walks through Baltimore, you see her vision as they digitally enhance the city to show the possibilities created for the city from the programs she plans to implement when elected. She wants tax credits and incentive programs to encourage Baltimore residents to buy abandoned properties and refurbish them.

Klacik is also for “school choice” so that Baltimore kids can skip the “school to prison pipeline” and allow students to go to schools that serve them.

The visual of what Klacik wants the city to be is exciting. I can’t wait to see where her career goes, and I hope she gets to change her city for the better. I would be proud to be one of the women in red walking beside her.

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