Leftist Blame Couple Whose Wedding RBG Officiated For “Killing” Her

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As you’re surely aware, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away on Friday.

RBG was a fighter, a powerhouse, a trailblazer. I didn’t agree with her jurisprudence, but she was an amazing woman.

While the whole country mourns her death, the left is particularly distraught at the loss of one of their biggest icons.

Enter crazy leftists on Twitter, who are blaming a woman who had Ginsburg officiate her wedding of “killing” the late justice, according to the Daily Wire.

In late August, Ginsburg officiated the wedding of Barb Solish of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Danny Kazin, an associate with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Solish was apparently a family friend of RBG.

Twitterites aren’t happy.

“TFW you killed RBG to show off at your wedding…,” one Twitter user claimed, tagging Solish.

“[I]magine everyone knowing you killed RBG at your wedding,” rage another.

“i think it’s funny that the lady who had rag officiate her wedding without a mask has to now deal with potentially having killed one of he most believed people in the entire US because she just had to have her wedding officiated by rgb so she could do an epic tweet lol,” blasted another.

The hate got so bad, the bride had to make her account private.

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This is such an absurd take.

First, Ginsburg died from complications from pancreatic cancer. There is no indication (at least so far) that the coronavirus had anything to do with Ginsburg’s death, which is what the tweets are implying.

In fact, the couple Ginsburg married tested negative for the coronavirus before their ceremony.

Second, Ginsburg was an 87-year-old grown-a** woman who was still mentally fit enough to serve on the Supreme Court.

Presumably, she considered the risks and agreed to officiate the couple’s wedding of her own volition. I doubt they kidnapped her and forced her to perform the ceremony.

Again, Ginsburg was 87 years old and fighting pancreatic cancer. She’s had multiple bouts with cancer since 1999 and most recently received cancer treatment earlier this year. She’s been in fragile health for some time.

Her passing is certainly sad, but not exactly unexpected. Trying to blame a particular person for her death is just odd.

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