Ashley Judd Hosts Anti-Racism Activist Monique Melton On IG Live And It’s Pure Insanity.

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You’ve probably noticed that our entire country is being overrun by radical leftists pushing “anti-racism” theory on our collective assular areas. If you haven’t noticed this, you soon will. Schools are pushing it, corporations are pushing it, colleges and universities have ALWAYS pushed it, and there’s really no escaping it any longer.

A prominent figure in this line of anti-racism education is a woman by the name of Monique Melton. She is considered an expert, and posts things like this on her IG.

The full text of that post is as follows:

Fuck your traditions.
They’re rooted in white supremacy and the exploitation of Black folks, especial.

Fuck the nostalgia, family memories and activities…it’s all celebrating white supremacy.

This country is still sending a loud & consistent message of disregard for Black lives from mass incarceration, how COVID is disproportionately destroying the lives of Black folks, Black maternal and infant death rates, adulification of Black girls, police brutality, transphobia, mass unemployment, food & medical apartheid, housing segregation & insecurity & more.

And y’all ready to go out & celebrate a “holiday” that claims to celebrate a promise of freedom and independence for all, but that’s a promise that’s never been kept for Black folks.
The origin of this holiday is incredibly hypocritical & deeply dehumanizing. Because Black folks were still being sold in auctions on July 4th, 1776, and even today Blaxk folks are fighting for the same freedom, independence and liberty denied us since 1619. The enslaved auctions have evolved from Jim Crow, to mass incarceration, to redlining, to school to prison pipelines & to the multiple badges of servitude and subjugation that remain present today.

Fuck your traditions.

Pay us our reparations.
Arrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor
Fix the water in Flint
Defund the police
End the prison industrial complex
Build and provide equitable housing and education
Pay us our reparations
Hire Black leadership (And actually support our leadership & step aside so we can lead)
Fund & support Black entrepreneurship
Support Black owned and operated businesses, including non-profits
Elect and support Black politicians (who are for Black liberation)
Provide universal health care
Cancel student loan debt
Decriminalize sex work
Pay us our reparations
Provide safe and equitable birthing & postpartum health care for Black mothers
Stop seperating families seeking asylum
Arrest the military officials responsible for the missing, assaulted and murdered Black and Brown folks, like Vanessa Guillen
Pay us equitable wages
End the violence students endure on college campuses and provide safe spaces

She also wrote a diatribe to make sure white progressive women know they’re not off the hook:

Recently, I came across a post from a white woman that motivated me to share this…especially bc so many other white folks were raving & celebrating her words.

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A white woman going on a rant about Trump and how his supporters ain’t shit and don’t deserve her respect bc they’re not decent human beings is not anti-racism or worthy of celebration.
It’s virtue signaling and white exceptionalism at best and the flexing of your white privilege at worse.
I can’t stand to see how progressive white women will attempt to distance or distinguish yourselves from “those racist white people”, ie Trump supporters, as though y’all all don’t benefit from the same system of white supremacy.
While you’re pointing out the racism in Trump supporters …and y’all are racist af, you need to be pointing it out in your own life too!
Y’all are not absolved from this work bc you plan to vote a certain way. It doesn’t work like that.
Any time I catch my white students describing white people as “they or them” I correct them to say instead “us or we”. Y’all all are members of the same collective group that has a deadly and brutal legacy of racialized violence against Black folks. While you may not be voting for Trump & I hope you’re not, what other ways are you upholding white supremacy & perpetuating racism against us? Let’s not forget that racism is insidious in the Democratic Party too…come on y’all!
But what I need white folks to understand is that you’re not exceptional.
And while you’re trying to push the white folks who vote for Trump out of your community or life you’re literally doing the exact opposite of what this work requires.
You would know this if you were doing the work.
You have to collect yourself & your people…otherwise you leave them for us to deal with & those outcomes are deadly for us.
It’s a privilege to decide that you’re tired of dealing with certain white folks racism while ignoring your own racism.
We don’t get to choose what racism we’ll face today.
And let us not forget that over 50% of white women voted for while y’all trying to cut them off, y’all need to be gathering yourself & them too.
You’re not the exception.
Do better.

White people stop complaining about this post or any of the work we do for Black liberation is divisive…you’re the oppressor. How drenched in your white supremacy conditioning must you be to think you are entitled to or have the authority to deem the work or voice of a Black woman as divisive. Your tone policing is no different than that of your ancestors who condemned Dr. King and anyone who dared speak against this oppressive system. Your ancestors created the division and you perpetuate daily, and now you’re mad that I’m pointing it out while you’re still steeped in your privilege. Don’t blame me…blame white supremacy.

So now you know a little more about Monique. Naturally, because Ashley Judd is the literal WORST kind of progressive white woman, she invited Monique to an IG Live chat. I spent the entire night last night in the hospital with my older son who’d suffered a major seizure yesterday evening, so while he was recovering, and all I had to do was look at my phone all night long, I actually watched the whole hour of this absolute batsh*ttery. I don’t expect you to do the same, but you’re welcome to it if you’re a masochist or if you’re really really really really really really bored.

In a nutshell, it’s an hour long example of two women who think themselves profoundly intellectual and deep, who congratulate each other endlessly on their ability to “hold space” with one another, and talk about “doing the work” of anti-racism. An example of their profound deepness occurs in the latter part of the discussion when Monique PREPARES us for how deep and profound her personal question of Ashley is going to be, and then she lays it on her. “Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?” Ashley is awestruck. She thoughtfully ponders her reply, and then says, proudly, that on her best days she brushes, then flosses in a C-pattern around each tooth, and then – THEN, you guys – she brushes again.  She announces this in a way that suggests she believes her teeth cleaning ritual is deeply sacred and meaningful.

Monique offers her interpretation of this amazing discovery – and says this brush/floss/brush pattern must mean that Ashley both lets people into her trust circle, but then also sometimes doesn’t.

Or something.

I’m not making any of this up.


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So, just like the horrific book White Fragility, the underlying theme to all of this anti-racism nonsense is that if you’re white, you’re simply not exempt from “doing the work” of dismantling systemically racist structures of society. You’re not exempt from being a white supremacist. It makes no difference if you’ve ever committed an act of racism. You have. You’re white, so you’re privileged, and your privilege ACTIVELY DENIES black people of…everything. So if you’re not actively giving up things you have and giving those things to black people, you’re guilty of racism. Don’t try to argue that you’ve earned what you have. Of course you haven’t. Your whiteness gave you what you have, at the expense of black people. And no amount of denying it matters. In fact, denying it PROVES IT EVEN FURTHER. Pushing back in any way on these concepts is just more evidence of your white supremacy. There is no room for discussion.

This is the insanity of the anti-racism activists.

So you know what? I’ve decided I simply DO. NOT. GIVE. A. F*CK if they label me as a white supremacist racist. I’m not doing “the work” that they demand, because the work is bullsh*t. And frankly, no self-respecting person should allow themselves to be bullied into “doing the work.”

When George Floyd’s death happened, I was open-eared, open-eyed, ready to listen and empathize and learn and understand. I think most Americans felt universally similar in many ways. It was such an opportunity for the country to be united. But BLM destroyed that with their riots and looting and destruction and violence, and people like me lost patience and got fed up.

They jumped the shark. And they lost a lot of potential allies in the process.

Here’s the thing, y’all. This crap has infiltrated our societal systems in truly radical and pervasive ways. I’m betting that you’ve gotten an email from your CEO telling you about your employer’s diversity and anti-racism initiatives. We’ve already talked about how that’s playing out in our kids’ schools. It’s inescapable.

But the next time someone lays this crap on you, ask them the kinds of questions that Heather MacDonald asks in this piece. An example of the questions she’d ask university administrators:

Which faculty members do not treat black students fairly? If that unjust treatment is so obvious, why weren’t those professors already removed? What is wrong with an admissions process that lets in thousands of student bigots? In other moments, college presidents brag about the quality of their student body and faculty. Are they lying? Shouldn’t they have disclosed to black applicants that they will face “racist acts” and “systems of inequality” should they attend?

She also rightly points out:

Other credible explanations exist for ongoing racial disparities, including family structure, cultural attitudes, and individual behavior. To declare from the highest reaches of the academy that racism is the defining and all-explaining feature of American society is to adopt a political position, not to state a scientific truth.

There are other issues at play here:

What if racial economic and incarceration gaps cannot close without addressing personal responsibility and family culture—without a sea change in the attitudes that many inner-city black children bring with them to school regarding studying, paying attention in class, and respecting teachers, for example? What if the breakdown of the family is producing children with too little capacity to control their impulses and defer gratification?

Anti-racism activists will look at those statements from Heather and immediately call her a racist white supremacist before they’ll ever even spend ONE SECOND thinking about the content of what she is saying. Today’s new definition of racism allows radicals like Monique and Ashley to avoid having to look at any other explanations for social and economic disparities between blacks and whites EXCEPT to blame “systemic structures of racism.” And if you’re white, you ARE the system. It’s all your fault. And as you are completely guilty due to your skin color, so too are all blacks completely innocent due to theirs. There is no personal accountability – only systems that are simultaneously propping whites up and keeping blacks down.  That a black man was elected twice to lead our systemically racist country?  Shhhh.  It’s racist of you to bring that up.

It’s nonsense. As Andrew McCarthy asks in his most recent column, when faced with accusations of systemic racism, make them prove it.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Monique, y’all feel free to put ALL THE LABELS on me. Y’all continue to hate on your country while you reap the benefits of citizenship in it in your disgusting, ungrateful way.

Monique posted on her IG some time ago, “White tears are violent.” I won’t be shedding any over her cause, so she needn’t worry about that sort of violence from me.

To my black friends and loved ones, nothing about this post changes my love for you.  You know me and my heart, and I know yours, and that’s all that matters.

I. Am. DONE.