‘Radical Math’ and Other Social Justice Initiatives Recommended For Student Curriculum By Indiana Dept Of Ed.

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And I thought it couldn’t get worse than what we’ve been talking about all week.

If you’re new to this top, start here, with a story from Carmel High School in Indiana. And then check out this secretly recorded audio of a teacher at Hamilton Southeastern High School in Indiana. And if you’re STILL a person who is so completely deluded by what the BLM movement is really all about, and don’t take its co-founder Patrice Cullors at her word when she explains that they are trained Marxists, then please take a look at this 2015 video of the other co-founder Alicia Garza, talking about how they aim to end capitalism.  Pay special attention at the 24.00 – 28.00 minute mark:

I don’t know how to make it any clearer to people. BLM is an outwardly politicized, leftist, Marxist organization that is simply a spin-off of the Black Liberation Army, whose stated goal is socialism. In that video from 2015, Alicia also talks about the need to liberate Assata Shakur, who you may know from such things as being a cop killer who escaped prison in NJ where she was serving a life sentence for murder and fleeing to Cuba where she’s been ever since. She’s also been on the FBI’s most wanted list with her other name: Joanne Deborah Chesimard.

Anyway, my point in telling you that is that the founders of BLM themselves are blatantly and openly political, and their politics are as Left as it gets. This shouldn’t be news to anyone, and yet we continue to see woke parents of Indiana kids insisting that nothing the Hamilton Southeastern HS teacher said was incorrect. The bias is incredible.

And thanks to a clever and competent reader pointing us straight to the IN Dept of Education website, we now know that these instruction directives come straight from the top. Check out this memorandum from the state superintendent from a couple of months ago.

They are recommending Social Justice Standards from the freaking SOUTHERN LAW POVERTY CENTER, you guys.  SLPC is as radical as they come. You can read more about that right here. 

And it gets worse.  Check out this blurb on “Radical Math” also found on the IN DOE website. 

When you click on the “View This Resource” link at the bottom of that page, you’re taken here. Feast your eyes on that bullcrap.  Here’s an excerpt:

There are at least two related ideas behind “Social Justice Math”. The first is that you can use mathematics to teach and learn about issues of social and economic justice. The second is that you can learn math through the study of social justice issues – the development of mathematical literacy itself being an incredibly important social justice issue.

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Economic and Social Issues

    • Prisons, racial profiling, death penalty
    • Poverty, minimum/living wage, sweatshops
    • Housing, gentrification, homeownership
    • War, defense budgets, military recruiting
    • Public Health: AIDS, asthma, health insurance, diabetes, smoking
    • Educational access, funding, testing, achievement gaps
    • Environment: pollution, hunger, food and water resources
    • Welfare, TANF
    • Immigration

Remember when kids were taught ACTUAL MATH, and not social justice radical math?

This is how insidious the indoctrination has become.

And for the idiotic parents I’ve seen commenting on our FB post about this topic, who are insisting that there was nothing wrong with the Carmel High School video tape, and that there was nothing wrong with the Hamilton Southeastern High School audio tape, I can only hope that they take to heart the words in a letter we got from a teacher today, about what a proper education is Actually Supposed To Look Like.


Hi Ladies. I have been following with interest the stories about Carmel High School and the teacher from Hamilton Southeastern. For the last five years of my teaching career, I taught Current Issues at the Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center. It was an elective, and my students ranged from top notch to at risk. It was an atypical elective, because there was no formally adopted curriculum. I wrote the curriculum, and it changed each semester. The only material supplied by the school was a weekly news pamphlet designed for students, which I used some. It was typically good at providing a synopsis of emerging news stories and presenting arguments in a neutral light, but was insufficient to base an entire course on. I sourced at least 60% of published background material myself. I enjoyed it, because I had more freedom than any teacher I know to exercise my professional judgment. That is a rare commodity in teaching today, where teachers are basically told to read the thought bubbles.

Last night I was telling my husband about the CHS and HSHS controversies, and he asked me how I would teach about what is going on now. I told him we would talk about the catalyst for the national outrage, the killing of George Floyd, and how the black community had felt for a long time that they were targeted by the police. I am sure I would hear many stories from my students at that point. I would provide ALL the statistics associated with arrest and conviction percentages. I would provide a written copy of the published tenants of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. We would talk about how the sentiment has become conflated with the political group. This would necessitate a lesson on exactly what Marxism is. We would discuss why some people wholeheartedly support the BLM movement, and why others do not. We would also have to get into Antifa, what their goals are, and their roles in the protests. In short, I would do my best to present all sides of the situation, and let students decide where they fall on the issues. It would not be easy, but it can be done in an objective way.

When I was teaching during an election season years ago, I researched and prepared a list of statements relating to the platforms of the Republican and Democratic parties. The statements were very cut and dried, nothing inflammatory, just facts such as, “I believe a woman has the right to abort a pregnancy.” Students were to read each statement and agree or disagree with it. When finished, I told them which statements were part of the Democratic Party platform, and which were part of the Republican Party platform. Many students were shocked to discover that they had more agreement with the party that they had sworn they would never support. It was an interesting assignment, but it illustrates that there is a way to teach in a manner that lets students draw their own conclusions.

Please don’t throw all teachers under the bus regarding trying to indoctrinate impressionable minds. I am sure some are guilty as sin of this inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, but I think most teachers are trying to be responsible in keeping their opinions private. I also suspect that after last week, many superintendents have put their staffs on notice. Your coverage served a valuable purpose.

Kathy Guiliani, Ed.D

If only she could be cloned a million times.

Education in America is broken, and if people don’t wake up to what is being force-fed to their kids, it stands no chance of being fixed.  If you really wanna see where this all began?  Check out the Naked Communist, by Cleon Skusen.  He listed 45 goals of Communism which made their way into the official House record in 1963.  Here’s a few that are relevant:

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the
curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, and policymaking positions.

The full list is literally like reading a playbook of what’s happening in our world right now. It’s terrifying, but NECESSARY for you to see and understand and pass along.