It’s Official – The Daily Wire Is Moving Its Headquarters From LA To Nashville!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The conservative media company, The Daily Wire, that was founded by Ben Shapiro (totally fan-girling right now), Jeremy Boreing, and Caleb Robinson, are officially leaving the headquarters they once had in Los Angeles, over to Nashville, Tennessee!

If they make a pit stop in Arizona, I just may have to call out sick from work. HA HA … only kind of kidding. I saw him once at a conference here in Phoenix and, let’s just say, nervous gas and I don’t get along. I’m pretty confident the Spanx I wore under my dress pants sealed it in… clearly, Spanx hold in more than just your rolls. Money well spent.

Anyways, back to the point of all of this –

Approximately 80% of the employees stated that they are willing to make the move so far, and all employees are given until October 1st to make the decision.

According to Deadline:

Boreing said that the move was being made due to a declining quality of life in the city, including high housing costs and homelessness.

The reasons for the company’s plans to move also are political. Boreing, who has lived in Los Angeles for the past 20 years, blamed city leadership for failing to address the ongoing urban problems, and also cited the state’s high income taxes.

“The dream of California and the weather were enough to draw us all here and keep us here, even when it was hard,” he said. “But it’s hubris to think you can keep making it worse and worse for people and that somehow the idea of temperate winters will be enough to make them stay forever.”

He said that he plans to move in November, and much of the staff will follow after that.

“L.A. benefits from the fact that, while it leans left, it draws individualists out to find their fame and seek their fortunes. They’re an ornery bunch. But they aren’t so ornery that this out of control government can’t break them.”

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Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to continue tolerating California either. They’re beyond tolerable.

The Daily Wire had been deciding between Nashville and Texas but decided on Nashville because of its creative reputation that they crave in order to keep the business going.

I love how this decision to move isn’t only a statement for change, but, as Ben Shapiro tweeted earlier today, “terrible governance has consequences.”

We expect your tea to always be sweet and your comebacks to get sweeter!