Letter From A Venezuelan Immigrant To The Chicks Is A MUST READ.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

If you watch our morning weekday videos each day, then you probably know that we have the most amazing, engaged, generous, talented group of followers in the history of followers.  And we are legit showered with gifts by y’all on practically a daily basis.  It’s obscene how spoiled we are.  OBSCENE.

We are enormously touched by every last trinket and craft and gift that we receive – and never cease to be overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness y’all show us.  WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF IT.

Our favorite thing is when we get to promote a conservative-owned small business as a result, and we then see our followers flock to that business too.  Like that time we got a letter from a widower, whose wife handmade beautiful jewelry pieces for her online store. He sent us each a pendant, and as we read his letter during our video and shouted out his wife’s store, we then heard from him that he’d been inundated with orders by our followers.

That’s what I mean when I say we have the best followers ever.  We really really do.

Yesterday, during our video, we got to show off this amazing caricature that one of our followers, Yumi Sanchez, commissioned from an Italian caricaturist named Fabiano.  It’s of Daisy, Producer Rob, and me, dressed as superheroes.  Check it out:

It came in a lovely silver frame and we’ve got it proudly displayed in our office.  But what was really special about this gift was the letter that came with it.  We got many requests after reading a few excerpts during our video and on the air – to put the whole letter on line.  And Yumi has graciously allowed us to share it here:

Hey Chicks,

I feel like I need to get some things off my chest. I don’t know if you guys realize the huge impact you have on a lot of Americans, on Immigrant Americans, on men and women. Your voice carries a huge weight with it. You, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Michael Knowles, Candace Owens and so many others are doing something I wish more people did back in my home country of Venezuela. You speak up. It may sound trivial, but it’s something a lot of people take for granted every single day. Your voice is a beacon of hope during what could basically be a media war, and best of all, you do it with a smile and laughter. Thank you so very much for that. If I could write every podcaster I follow the same thing, I would, but so far you are the only ones that have made yourselves more accessible.

And I am not saying all of this to only you. Rob is just as special. The Chicks on the Right wouldn’t be the same without Rob. We all need a man to gang up on or one that is willing just for the kicks. Not to understate his intelligence. I have listened to Rob’s show as well, and I respect him just as much as you guys.

To put things into perspective, back in Venezuela we only had one cable news channel that spoke up against the government narrative. Here we have you so many podcasters and commentators and channels like OAN. The First Amendment is still alive. But I have experienced how easily it can be taken away. Just like that.

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I can pity voters, but I can not in good faith blame them. Not when my own father first voted for Hugo Chavez back in December 1998. He fell for the empty promises, the speech, the commanding voice, the promise of a better tomorrow. Most of the Venezuelan population did. And he won. But now you are starting to see in the US what Chavez started doing right after his victory. People were willing to go the extra mile, the violent route, the inhuman route to get what they wanted because they had a President that promoted said behavior. This happened, in a country where there was little to no racism, little to no hate, little to no motive to even kill one another. All it took was empty promises of free stuff. That’s all.

And that’s where you guys come in. You guys are the voice we so desperately need to keep going. To keep giving Donald Trump strength. To keep his base together, to know that none of us are alone.

Thank you Mock, Daisy, and Rob. Thank you so very much.

If I could have one wish during these dark times it would be to able to meet all three of you and give you the huge hug you deserve.

You guys are making a difference. And even if Wikipedia doesn’t acknowledge it, you have made a mark in a lot of lives.


Yumi Sanchez

P.S: Hope you guys like the gift. I had the picture custom drawn by a caricaturist in Italy called Fabiano. I had him draw Daisy as Wonder Woman, Rob as Captain America, and Mock as Captain Marvel, because you guys are just as awesome as superheroes.

Best. Followers. EVER.