BREAKING: Riots Break Out In Lancaster, PA After Cop Shoots Knife Wielding Attacker

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Fox News is reporting that riots broke out in Lancaster, PA after a shooting involving an officer and an armed black man. The 27-year-old man, Ricardo Munoz, was identified by the Lancaster District Attorney’s office.

The Lancaster City Burea of Police released the footage of the incident almost immediately. Munoz was arrested last year for stabbing four people, including a 16-year-old male who sustained stab wounds to his face, right thigh, left ankle, and his right torso.

This didn’t stop the rioters who took over Lancaster on Sunday soon after the officer fatally shot Munoz, who was actively trying to stab an officer with a knife.

The bodycam footage below (warning–it is graphic and shows the shooting) shows the officer walking up to the residence to answer a domestic disturbance call and asked a woman where “he” went.

You then hear yelling as the knifeman approaches the door in a threatening and aggressive way and starts to pursue the officer. The officer begins to run away as the man still holding the knife gains on the fleeing officer. This is when the officer turns around and fatally shoots the knifeman.

Now I know this may seem like a “hot take,” but there is a really simple solution to officer-involved shootings: STOP ATTACKING POLICE OFFICERS.

I can say with a strong level of certainty that we wouldn’t be talking about these two people today if the man had not run out of his house with a knife in his hand to actively and aggressively pursue the officer.

The BLM rioters didn’t waste a single second. They descended on Lancaster, PA, in an attempt to turn that town into another Kenosha or Portland. They threw glass bottles and other objects at police officers.

Could you imagine rioting for a domestic abuser who chased after a police officer with a knife? They have now turned drug addicts, drug pushers, rapists, and domestic abusers into martyrs for their cause.

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Are we really saying that law enforcement is not allowed to shoot a man carrying a knife, charging at them with the clear intent to harm? These riots are suggesting that a person willing to put on the uniform to protect our streets is not allowed the basic right of self-defense.

If we are ever going to get closure and move on from this part of our history, there has to be a differentiation between justified and unjustified force. Criminals cannot be allowed to attack the police anytime they want.

This was a completely justified shooting.

From Fox:

“‘A police-involved shooting has a significant impact on a community, as we are seeing with the large number of individuals gathering in the streets,’ District Attorney Heather Adams said, according to CBS Philadelphia. ‘However, I am asking that all reactions be tempered as the investigation is ongoing.’

“Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Lancaster following the shooting. The crowd formed outside the police station, where the department stated multiple buildings and government vehicles were damaged by demonstrators. Videos emerged from the scene showing protesters apparently slamming on the building’s front door.

“Police eventually deployed tear gas on a crowd of people protesting early Monday. Police said protesters ‘failed to follow the instructions.’  Police said protesters threw glass bottles, gallon jugs filled with liquid, and parts of plastic road barricades at officers.”

I don’t care who you are–if you chase someone with a knife, then you can’t be surprised when you get shot.

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Video Warning: GRAPHIC