Lululemon, Maker of $168 Leggings, Encourages Social Media Followers to “Resist Capitalism”

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If ever I were tempted to spend $168 on a pair of leggings, which thankfully will never happen, I know which brand I WON’T be buying: LULULEMON. Tek Gear leggings from Kohl’s for $18 suit me just fine.

Depsite being a multi-billion dollar company–thanks to capitalism–Lululemon is all woke, hip, and, apparently, wants to end capitalism. A quick perusal of their website shows Lululemon is selling their women’s leggings for prices between $88 and $168. How’s that for anti-capitalist?

From The Daily Mail:

High-end athletic apparel maker Lululemon has come under fire for inviting followers on Twitter to a workshop teaching people how to ‘resist capitalism’.

The Zoom meeting planned for later this month is to be hosted by company brand ambassador Rebby Kern.

The ‘Decolonizing Gender’ workshop is ‘to unveil historical erasure and resist capitalism’.

Sales of Lululemon have soared during the coronavirus pandemic with leggings and hoodies a common choice for workers who have been forced to swap their pants, suits and dresses for the office for more comfortable stay-at-home options.

Shares in the company are up some 51 percent with online sales up 157 percent since the start of the pandemic.

For this blatant hypocrisy, Lululemon is getting raked over the coals on social media. Hopefully, they get raked over the coals in terms of plummeting sales. Then we will really see how much they hate capitalism.


It looks like they have deleted this workshop off their Instagram feed after all this ridicule. It’s nowhere to be found but it is unknown if the workshop is still taking place.

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