Joe Biden ‘Clarifies’ His Racist Comment About The Lack Of Diversity Among African Americans

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So here it is.  Does this clarify things for you?

Quick reminder for those of you who may have missed his Actual Comments:

So, does his clarification statement clarify things? Because you guys, I see no clarification. What I see is him saying he WANTS to clarify what he said, without actually clarifying it. He says in no way did he mean to say what he actually said, and then proceeds to say the opposite of what he actually said.  To me, that’s not clarifying, that’s completely changing what he said, and worse, it’s completely changing what he said WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING ANY REGRET OR REMORSE for saying what he said before.

If he wants to completely change what he said, then he should be falling all over himself to apologize.  But since this is Joe Biden, and the media gives Democrats a pass even for statements as egregious as this one, he will not be held to account.