Police Are Refusing To Protect DNC

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, whaddya know. I guess when you make it clear that you’re on the side of the aisle that’s hell-bent on defunding, demeaning, and demoralizing police, they’re less likely to wanna protect you. 

According to the sourcelink, a whole bunch (we’re talking 100+) law enforcement agencies have declined to help with security at the Democrat convention next month. In fact, they’ve reportedly pulled out of existing agreements to provide support, because their hands are being tied with respect to the types of crowd control measures they’re allowed to use when faced with rioters and violent protesters.

I mean, can you blame them?

So many cities across the country have literally placed their cops in harm’s way, because they won’t allow them to use basic means of dealing with violent people. Here’s a great example from Seattle.

Milwaukee’s Police Chief has been ordered to BAN THE USE of tear gas and pepper spray. I mean, that’s ABSURD on every level. How are police supposed to deal with rioters?

And so here we are.  Over 100 agencies not just in WI but across the country who were prepared to provide support at the DNC are just not going to come.  The plan was to have 1000 officers from outside agencies.  Now, they’ll probably have to consider asking for federal help, which is hilarious given that so many cities are pissed off about the federal help.

There are only supposed to be a few hundred people in physical attendance at the Aug 17-20 DNC event, but that’s not really the issue, as we all know.  The issue is Antifa.

Whether or not Jerry Nadler wants to admit it, Antifa is very very real, and they’re very very dangerous.  And I don’t blame ANY cop for not wanting to deal with them if they’re not provided the tools they need to do so.

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