Um Excuse Me Ashley Judd But WTF Is This

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I had somehow missed this post from Ashley Judd on Instagram until a friend of mine sent it to me, and you guys, WTF.

Make sure you check out BOTH photos she posted.  The glam one of her, and the one of her made-up flag.

First of all, lemme just get my cattiness/snark out of the way first, because it’s ridiculous that there are all kinds of people fawning over that picture of Ashley on her IG saying, “OMG YOU LOOK AMAZING” and “OMG YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS” etc., when in fact, that’s a photo from a spread she did for Town and Country magazine TWO AND A HALF YEARS ago.

You know why she chose a photo from two years ago? Because if she’d chosen a photo from today, it’d have looked like this.

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That’s from June 16th of this year, and it’s from her own IG feed. I’m guessing she hasn’t changed a whole lot since then, and let’s be honest here. That’s a far cry from her Town and Country spread days.

I’m just saying.

ANYWAY, before you all come at me for being snotty about Ashley’s appearance, please understand that I have a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong history of loathing her, and when she rips on America, then I consider her fair game on every level.  You rip on the country I love, Imma rip on you.  Period.

OF COURSE this was a initiative. And OF COURSE Ashley Judd participated like the pussy-hat wearing seahag she is. You don’t get much more America-hating than CREATING A WHOLE NEW FREAKING FLAG because you believe America needs to “abandon its racist colonial ideas.” One person commented on her post, “How does changing the flag change anything?” And her response was, “It’s not about changing the flag, it’s about celebrating our individual heritages.”

NO. I CALL BULLSH*T on that statement, because everything that Leftists like her believe in DENIES individualism, puts people into identity categories, and demands segregated “safe spaces.” So she doesn’t get to all of a sudden claim to have an interest in individual ANYTHING, when her ENTIRE WORLD VIEW is about identity politics.