BOMBSHELL: Over 3,000 Cases Removed From COVID+ Count After San Antonio Health Dept Labeled Them As “Probable”

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From NBC 4 San Antonio: “Right now there’s a discrepancy in the numbers reported by Metro Health and those reported by the State Health Department. The State Health Department has removed more than 3,000 cases classified as ‘probable’ from the Bexar County and state totals, which puts our local cases at over 17,000. Those are cases confirmed with ‘antigen’ or mouth swab tests.”

Nothing to see here, folks, just another case of a state reporting “probable” cases as “positive” cases. Texas had to remove 3,484 “probable/positive” cases because these cases only had the antigen. Not all cities in Texas use the antigen test since its approval in May, and Texas wants Apples-Apples comparison between its cities.

The question becomes how accurate can the antigen test be? We see that an antigen test for strep is accurate but the rapid test for the flu is not. NPR reported, “Researchers do not expect it to be as accurate as the PCR diagnostic test, but it is possible the antigen tests could be used to screen patients for infection. Dr. Jordan Laser, a lab director at Northwell Health, notes antigen testing is used for rapid strep tests, which are reliable, and rapid flu tests, which are not.”

We haven’t even created an accurate test for the flu. The flu that has been around all of my life, and we cannot figure out how to create an accurate rapid test, but we are supposed to believe an antigen test for a brand new virus is accurate?

This is serious. We are being lied to by the Democrat cities where they have labs that conveniently are showing 100% positive rates, but after audits are more around the 9% rate and some labs are even lower than that. They use these high numbers to justify shutting down businesses and schools and locking everyone at home.

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