Kanye’s Run (Or Not?), Nick Cannon’s Doubling Down, And Twitter Got Hacked…

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Is Kanye in or out?  I suppose that depends on what source you read right now.  But I believe he’s in as of my writing this post.  So there’s that.

Nick Cannon is a complete racist, but he’s apologizing (sorta) for being an anti-semite, so I guess he’ll continue to get work in Hollyweird and not be completely cancelled, because those are the rules – at least for him.  They change daily, and they are different for everyone, as we’ve learned.  Because rage mob.

Also, Twitter got hacked, and it just shows once again that there are a LOT of stupid people out there.  Those people vote.  Remember that come November, y’all.

Happy Thursday, everyone!