Protester Racially Taunts Black Policeman By Calling Him ‘Black Judas’ Who ‘Should Know Better’ Than Stand With Fellow Officers

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A New York City protester racially taunted a black policeman late Tuesday night, labeling him a “black Judas,” according to Fox News.

Now that Seattle’s CHOP has been dismantled after two deaths and a 500% increase in crime, New York has decided to allow its version that is calling itself “NY CHAZ.”

I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t going to end well. DeBlasio and Cuomo are the worst things to happen to New York since 9/11. Yeah, I said it, and it’s true.

The people in CHAZ are degenerates that hate our values and our country. They want to destroy America and everything we hold dear. We can’t blame them, though. They are a product of their raising and education.

For years we allowed liberal socialists to infiltrate our government, churches, schools, and pop culture. They planted their lies in each generation until they finally found roots. The people grew up believing that being transgender is normal and not part of a mental disorder called gender dysphoria.

So from the generation that cannot understand basic biology, we get this “person,” the shirtless and full-skirted woman-man that wants you to know that it got a college education.

He skates around the gates of NY CHAZ yelling at the NYPD officers that were there protecting these idiots’ right to protest. He tells the officers that he has a college degree, and that makes him smarter than them. He assumes in front of a crowd of his peers cheering him on that they probably didn’t go to college and therefore don’t understand anything.

One probably very wealthy, a privileged white girl starts screaming about her hairdresser having more time in school than the police did for their “26-week course”. I’d hardly call what the police go through while train a “course.” The vast majority of Police officers have military training before entering into the police force. There is also a vast majority of police officers that have not only a bachelor’s degree but also Masters and PhDs. But, that kind of information doesn’t matter to these people because they are so freakin woke y’all.

If one of my children ever brings home someone like this skirt-wearing skating idiot, I will have failed as a parent. It wasn’t enough that the skater insulted the NYPD officer’s intelligence, but he also started singling out a black officer standing on the frontlines.

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He looks at him, pointing and screams, “you are a traitor, traitor to your f***ing people. You are like the f***ing black Judas.”

This cop shows more restraint then I would be able to muster. This white weirdo is out there to supposedly standing with black people against racism, and he chose to demean and verbally abuse a black cop.

This is Cuomo and DeBlasio’s, New York. They have run it into the ground for the cheers of the mob.

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