This Woman Doesn’t Care About Conservative Lives At All, But Wants Us To Help Her With Facebook.

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Welcome to the Wall of Shame, SB!

Check out this email we got:

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but personally I find it thoroughly disgusting that anyone, and especially any woman, would ever consider voting for Trump. I do not understand how perhaps making an extra dollar trumps (no pun intended) separating children from their parents at the border, lying to us every single day, being a huge racist, thinking it’s funny to be grabbing women’s private parts, inciting racism and violence, taking back the rights of women seeking an abortion and the LGBTQ community when it comes to medical care. I’m a middle of the road liberal, and happy with that label. Please respect my choice to not get messages from you on Facebook, or anywhere else. I’m not now, nor will I ever be, interested. I can’t believe that you would actually believe anything that FOX news says, and no, I don’t listen to news stations that are just as far to the left as you are to the right. I care deeply about the people of this country regardless of their color, or their religion, but for the first time in my life, it does not include the conservatives. Your hatred of others is more than I want in my life at all.

Thanks ahead for removing me from your list.

Mmmkay. Imma just go through that nonsense point by point.

I have no problem with SB thinking it’s disgusting that anyone would ever vote from Trump, because I think it’s disgusting that anyone, especially any woman, would ever consider voting for a dude who’s been in politics for nearly a half century, hasn’t accomplished anything, can’t stop sniffing women’s hair, has been openly, recently, blatantly racist (“if you can’t choose between me and Trump you ain’t black!”), and has obvious dementia.  Soooo…..I guess we’re….even? I prefer competent people who’ve actually accomplished things.  You clearly don’t.  You do you.

SB, I didn’t vote for Trump to make an extra dollar – his total jumpstart of the economy and giant tax cuts were just a huge bonus.  I voted for him for his ability to choose conservative justices/judges, which he did, and I voted for him for his ability to upend the political system, which he has.  I also voted for him because he wasn’t a disgusting, criminal seahag who couldn’t stop coughing, which was the alternative in 2016.

Your nonsense accusations against Trump are tired old talking points that only really blindly stupid people believe anymore, but you just keep doing you, SB.  You go on thinking that Trump randomly goes around grabbing women’s private parts (hint: he doesn’t – REREAD THE DAMN QUOTE).  You go on thinking that the photos of kids in cages WEREN’T from Obama’s presidency (hint: they were).  You go on thinking that killing babies is morally defensible (hint: it isn’t).  You go on thinking that Trump hasn’t improved the lives of minorities through his economic policies more so than any previous president in recent history (hint: he has).  I can’t help that you’re delusional. It’s a common leftist trait.

You’re not a middle of the road liberal, SB.  You’re as radical as any other leftist, so consumed by your own white guilt that you project your own hatred onto us.  Check yourself.

The only possible reason you could have received an auto-message from us via Facebook is if you engaged with our page in some way (most likely to make some idiotic comment similar to your idiotic email).  You either liked, followed, or commented on OUR page, by your own choice. We certainly didn’t solicit your opinion there, and we certainly didn’t extend an invitation to you.  If you hadn’t engaged with our page in some way, then you couldn’t have received any messages from us.  So don’t talk to us about respecting your choices.  You made your choice to engage with us. I know it’s super hard for liberals to own the consequences of their choices, but you’re gonna have to now.

I actually COULD tell you how to stop our messages from reaching you, which is completely in your control, but I would only do that for someone who didn’t write us a garbage unsolicited email like the one you sent. I’m not interested in helping you. In fact, to use your words, I’m not now, nor will I ever be, interested.

You’ll have to figure this one out on your own.


Oh, and one more thing.


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