This Lunatic From Iraq Is Being Added To Our Wall Of Shame

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So this past Friday I did a quick FB live video just to check in with everyone since Daisy had been on vacay all week.  It was a tough week to do radio without her, and if you watch the video you might notice, as some commenters did, that I look tired, and pained.  And I have been.  I haven’t been sleeping well, because I can’t seem to shut off my brain these days.  And in many ways, I feel utterly defeated.  So many people, reasonable people who I know personally, are turning into complete sheep right now.  They’re apologizing for things they’ve never done, they’re feeling guilt over their own skin color which they have no control over, they’re participating in marches without truly understanding why, and they’re ignoring actual facts and stats and data in favor of a media-pushed narrative. And it’s just sad, y’all.

Anyway, with pretty much ALL of the FB live videos Daisy and I do, there are always trolls who join in during or after we record the videos to say hateful, wicked, awful things to us.  That’s nothing new.  And I just go through and block them, because they have no interest in dialogue, no interest in any meaningful discussion – they just want to insult us, and why should we tolerate that on our own page?  This is me, like every day when I check comments on our videos:


Anyway, the reason I’m gonna share the comments from this particular troll is because they contribute to this overwhelming sense of defeat I’ve felt this week.  If you watch the 8 minutes or so of commentary, I hope you’ll agree with me that there is nothing racist in it.  I mean, the goalposts about what constitutes racism right now are moving a mile a minute, but still.  I feel pretty confident that there is nothing racist in this:

So today, after taking a 24 hour hiatus from the news, I decided to look at the comments on that video on FB.  I blocked lots of people, but thought this was a screenshot that best exemplified the kind of person I’m blocking.

Yeah.  So that’s a neat thing to come back to after taking the day off from the news. 🙂

Anyway, there were unfortunately a ton of different commenters who wrote similar sentiments.  I got a lot of, “You’re just a white racist Karen” and other similar nonsense.  The division right now is the worst it’s ever been, and it’s incredibly discouraging.

But Daisy is back tomorrow, and it’s not a moment too soon.  And many commenters were absolutely lovely – our community both here on the site and on FB is largely made up of truly phenomenal, supportive, wonderful people.  I appreciate y’all so much, you have no idea.

I’m gonna go outside and enjoy the rest of this evening’s beautiful weather here in Indy, and have some cocktails before tackling the week ahead, which will probably be filled with conversation about this:



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