Professional Soccer Team Caught Using ‘Sex Dolls’ As Fake Fans, Issue An Apology

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The coronavirus pandemic has sports leagues thinking about resuming play without fans. This has led some, like the NFL, to consider adding CGI fans.

A soccer team for South Korea had an entirely different idea. They decided to fill their stadium with…wait for it…SEX ROBOTS! Matt Drudge would be proud!

What in the actual hell? Sex dolls? The soccer club claims it was a supplier mistake. I guess they didn’t notice all the women have huge, perky knockers.

Fans, of course, are a part of professional sports. There is certainly a level of excitement that fans generate. It is probably weird and difficult for players to play in an empty stadium.

If you’re going to have fake fans though, FILL THE STADIUM. There are so few sex dolls there to watch the game. It’s embarrassing.

That being said, I do not understand the point of filling the stadium with fake fans of any kind. Everyone knows they’re fake!

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