Isaac Joins The Wall Of Fame. You Might Even Say He ‘Epidemizes’ It.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

One of my most favorite pastimes lately is to browse through comments left on our FB live videos each day and ban all the trolls who leave super mean notes for us.  There are usually at least 5-10 such comments each day – and they’re usually from two different camps of people:

  1.  People who disagree with us politically and DEFINITELY WANT US TO KNOW ABOUT IT.
  2.  People who are so batsh*t crazy that they actually choose to spend their time watching videos of people they hate, just so they can leave mean comments.

I think Isaac fits into both categories.  BEHOLD HIS WISDOM:

If anyone is able to give us an Isaac-to-English translation of that second comment he wrote, it’d be much appreciated, because we’re really busy trying to figure out what’s hoing on.

“Epidemy,” y’all.  HE WROTE THAT OUT LOUD.


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