Joe Biden Leaves CNN Host Confused After Another Case Of Incoherent Rambling

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Joe Biden’s perceived dementia is getting worse. This isn’t a political hit job. We couldn’t make this up if we wanted too.

CNN invited Joe Biden on their program to talk about the handling of coronavirus. Joe Biden starts rambling about Roosevelt and World War II. I don’t understand the line of thinking or the point he was so desperately trying to make. What I do know for a fact is that watching Anderson Cooper’s attempt to keep a neutral face is something I find extremely satisfying.

I would be VERY INTERESTED in knowing what Cooper’s inner monologue was like during this interaction. You know that Cooper sees it; I mean, he is a liberal, but he isn’t blind.

How much is the DNC paying these networks to promote their guy? Joe Biden has no idea what is going on in his life. It is a disgrace that the Democrat party thinks Americans are stupid enough to believe this man can run America!

If I was a Democrat, I would be protesting this injustice. The Democrats had, at one time, 29 people actively running for President.

What does it say about the Democratic party that after wading through their large candidate pool the one that the establishment chose was Joe Biden?

The man who can’t remember what state he is in, who he is talking to, what he is talking about, and what office he is even running for!

It is no wonder there is a mass exodus of the Democratic Party. We see Democrats joining the #WalkAway movement in large numbers.

Most of the Bernie Bros have decided not to follow along with the Democrats’ plans and have confirmed that they will not be voting for Joe Biden in November.

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The idea that the Democrats think they could steal the election from Bernie, not once but twice, and still have his loyal followers support the other candidate is lunacy. The Republicans don’t even have to do any digging to take down Joe Biden. The Democrats have put a candidate so weak onto the stage that all Republicans must do is sit back and wait for the debates.