Would You Participate In This Poll, Please?

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If you’re not already a member of our FB group page, please join!  That’s where this poll was created, and we’d love to have you join us there.  All it requires is that you know who founded the Chicks on the Right.  EASY PEASY.  Answer is literally ON THIS WEBSITE’S HOME PAGE.  🙂

Anyway, the poll is to find out who you think Joe Biden’s VP pick will be.  I’ve been thinking it’ll be Stacey Abrams, but so far I’m seeing a lot of people choosing Kamala.  The only reason I’m thinking it’ll be Stacey over Kamala, really, is that Biden doesn’t need Kamala’s help winning CA.  That’s kind of a done deal.  But Georgia?  She came within less than TWO POINTS of winning the GA Governor spot.  So yeah, she’s a loser, but I still think she might be valuable to Biden, given that there are so many morons who vote Democrat and will be all, “OMG FIRST BLACK FEMALE VP!” about her, and not care that she’s batsh*t.

Here is the link to the poll.  Looking forward to your participation.