OMG Just Watch: Trump Shuts Down Partisan Reporter During COVID-19 Briefing

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O. M. G you guys just watch:

Trump absolutely DESTROYED Weijia Jiang from CBS when she asked him the most useless, unimaginative “gotcha” question to have ever been asked.

“Yesterday, Jared Kushner said, ‘the notion of the federal stockpile was it’s supposed to be our stockpile, it’s not supposed to be state’s stockpiles that they then use,’” Jiang said. “What did he mean by ‘our’ given the fact that taxpayers from every state pays for it?”

Now, anyone with sense that can see past their own prejudices would infer that Kushner was indicating that the stockpiling of supplies is supposed to be the responsibility of the federal government to then distribute to states, rather than the responsibility of individual states. We could spend some meaningful time and effort discussing whether that’s the best idea, but interpreting his comment took literally .01248 seconds and barely more than 0 units of brain energy.

Jiang, however, is evidently not representative of the aforementioned group, and thought she could somehow trick President Trump into admitting that his family was hoarding all the supplies for themselves, I guess? I don’t know what she possibly thought she would gain by parsing the semantics of the OBVIOUSLY patriotic “our,” but whatever it was, she didn’t get it.

“Oh, why are you asking? What’s that, a gotcha, I gotcha, you used the word ‘our,’” Trump fired back. “You know what ‘our’ means? United States of America, that’s what it means. It means United States of America, and then we take that ‘our’ and we distribute it to the states.”

“He’s talking about the federal government,” Trump continued. “I mean, it’s such a basic, simple question, and you try to make it sound so bad. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you know what, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. It’s such a simple question. He said, ‘our,’ and ‘our’ means for the country, and ‘our’ means for the states because the states are a part of the country. Don’t make it sound bad.”

Instead of accepting her ass that Trump neatly handed back to her, Jiang continued to interrupt and derail the briefing. When the President moved on to another reporter, she continued to push her nonsense question, and when Trump said, “You asked your question,” she had either the sheer audacity or utter stupidity to say he didn’t answer her question.

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This is the state of journalism in America and I for one am thrilled that Trump is handling it the way he is.

Bonus video moment: At the very end, watch Trump’s face when the next reporter starts his question, “To follow up on that. . .” L O FREAKING L.