Popular Political Pundit Claims Los Angeles County Sees Significant Increase In Voters Registering As Republicans

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

For years we have said that California is a lost cause. They vote blue every election. They have very few Republicans in state and local government, and at a national level, they keep electing idiots like Pelosi.

A popular political twitter username, Thao Nguyen @helloitsthao (followed by people like Matt Gaetz and Scott Pressler), posts election news and data from around the country. All the data posted under her twitter handle is backed up by statistics posted on local, state and national sites. She gathers it, so we don’t have to.

It is interesting to watch the counties and states fluctuate between red and blue voters. What is most interesting to me and should be to you is that California has had a very large uptick in registered Republican voters.  After years of Democrat domination in voter registration in California, we are no longer losing the battle.

You can see that from 2016-2018 we lost around 75k voters, but from 2018-2020 we have seen 35,210 new Republican voters.

We have been debating where Candance Owens might run for office. Jennie wrote about her run, here.

Obviously no one knows for sure but my gut is saying that she will run in either, California, New York, or Connecticut. With the increase in Republican voters, I think it would be wise to make the case for a California run.