Rep. Dan Crenshaw Uses Texas BBQ Joint To School Selfish Democrats Lawmakers

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Democrats have tanked the coronavirus relief bill over the weekend. They continue to stall it in the Senate, trying to add various social programs that have been unsuccessfully added to previous laws in the past. They used the crisis our nation is under to force through legislation that wouldn’t usually pass the Republican-controlled Senate.

I wrote yesterday about Nancy Pelosi’s alleged talk with the Democratic leadership in the Senate. This resulted in all the Democrats voting no on the bill that would help millions of Americans keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Dan Crenshaw is a no-nonsense U.S. Representative for Texas, and he doesn’t usually get into the muck of the politics within congress. He tells it like it is and doesn’t stoop to hyperbole.

So, if Dan Crenshaw is standing up and telling American’s to wake up to what the Democrats are doing, then it is time for us all to listen. Crenshaw’s district is in Houston, Tx. Texas is known for its BBQ.

*side note* Texas BBQ is the best kind of BBQ, and there is absolutely nothing you could do or say to change my mind **

Dan Crenshaw uses a small business in his district called the Tin Roof, to school Democrats on what their stalling will do to the American people.

You see, they didn’t want to add things into this bill that would help Americans. Democrats put their biggest wish list items in the law to force their disastrous policies on America. One of the line items that made me the angriest is that the lawmakers want to give money to foreign workers so they can keep their jobs. When we have millions of Americans out of work, addressing pay for foreign workers is the last issue on my list. Why did the Democrats put it in theirs?

These loans for small businesses would be forgiven. Loans to Americans or I like to call it giving us our own money back, would be forgiven. Big businesses would be required to pay back these interest-free loans. Big businesses would also have to keep all payroll employees, stop any increase in executive pay, and stop any type of stock buybacks.

When will Democrats understand that all we really want from our lawmakers is an America First attitude with all legislation? Stop with the special interest additions and stop sending money overseas when our country is on the brink of another Great Depression.