Most Tone-Deaf Media Question Ever: “Mr. President, How Do YOU Unify The Country?”

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What a week it has been, so much has happened, and the mainstream media is officially broke. Trump didn’t break them; they broke themselves.

Get a load of this. How President Trump deals with these media morons so well every day is beyond me. On his way to North Carolina on Friday, a reporter asked him how HE (as in himself) is going to unify the country. Watch:

In other words, “How dare you Deplorables — what are you Dregs of society going to do to unify America?” Amiright?

I’m not sure what reporter asked the question, but could she be more of a pathetic bottom-feeder? Does she think Pelosi’s behavior for the last three years and one week has been a unifying force? Does she think that all of us Deplorables should hand over our vote to sit in a mind-warped group-think circle with her and her fellow media clowns to sing Kumbaya?

What does she think will unify the country at this point? Maybe an overhaul of journalism for starters? Or maybe she should calm down, swallow a muscle relaxant, and learn from one of the only Democrats still decent enough to stand and clap when they’re proud of their country.

But no, the likes of this reporter and other Dems are among those who now want to censure Kyrsten Sinema because of her reasonable support for Trump on too many occasions.


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Charlie Kirk  and Brandon Straka summed up the “unifying leadership” of the Dems on Tuesday night:

Actually, I was shocked to hear…but even Claire McCaskill (of all the Democrats on the planet), knows that Pelosi’s divisive form during the SOTU speech was bad. Watch:

The lies and irreparable damage that the Democrats have inflicted on America over the 2016 election really cannot be overstated.

And much of the damage has been caused by the media and big tech “mind control.” They’ve brainwashed so many smart people, it’s fascinating and at the same time, quite sad to watch.

This entire clip of the President talking to these media slimes on Friday is worth your time:

Dear miss delusional TDS reporter, to answer your question. How are we going to unify our country? Together.  I know, I know, adulting is hard, but it’s up to all of us.

And secondly, as President Trump mentioned on Friday:

“Our country is more successful than it has ever been, and that is unifying the country.”