GOP’s New Election Video Is Out!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The GOP has released their new election campaign going after the entire Democratic Party. Frame after frame shows the precise path that the Democrats are taking to stifle our constitutional rights!

Democrats attack our free speech. They pushed their climate change agenda by fear-mongering and bullying. They allow women to abort their children right up to the moment they are born. There isn’t much more they can take from our Constitution before it’s not even the same document.

If anything will encourage you to get out and vote, it’s this video. Using the Democrats’ own words to damn them is the best way to defeat them. We must defeat them in November. If nothing else, to let them know that their attempt to take the election away from the people with this impeachment sham will not be tolerated. We do not need the out of touch liberal elite to become the only voice that we hear.

Show them how loud the silent majority can get when our rights are violated.

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