Trump Administration Rolls Back Michelle Obama’s Lunch Regulations On Her Birthday

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Making School Lunches Great Again?  Trump is again loosening one of many Obama-era-regulations. This time, he’s rolling back Michelle Obama’s strict lunch rules, allowing schools to provide healthy meals with more flexibility and fewer regulations.

Hold my carrot, please. Allow me to wish Michelle a happy birthday. I can only imagine how butt-hurt she is over this one. Well, it’s her birthday, and she can cry if she wants to.

For someone who values a person’s right to choose, Mrs. Obama dealt out her “If You Like Your Lunch You Can’t Keep It” plan on America’s kids as if she was a strict nutritionist or something. Maybe she’s “Becoming” one? But seriously, Obama’s school lunch plan was her choice or the highway, as with everything else under liberal rule. I used to joke about how I was surprised she didn’t force all kids to take up a vegan diet.

Not that I have any problem with vegans, don’t get me wrong.  In all fairness, nutrition is essential. And despite political affiliation, people fall on both sides of the fence with this issue. I tend to gravitate to more flexible school lunch rules because I’ve heard stories from people about how so much of the “healthy food” was never eaten and much was wasted under Obama’s school lunch program.

Chocolate milk is heading back to school lunches as the Trump administration is rolling back rules that Michelle Obama championed during her time as First Lady.
Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said on Thursday “These common-sense flexibilities, provide excellent customer service to our local school nutrition professionals while giving children the world-class food service they deserve.”
Under Trump, the U.S. school lunch program can add noodles, biscuits, tortillas and other foods made mostly of refined grains
President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday relaxed rules championed by former first lady Michelle Obama aimed at making U.S. school lunches healthier. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, delivering on a promise he made when he took office in May 2017, said schools under the current rules faced challenges serving meals that were both appetizing and nutritious.

“If kids are not eating what is being served, they are not benefiting, and food is being wasted,” Perdue said in a statement.

Healthy and balanced meals are the goal of any administration and loosening a few strict regulations is likely a great thing to do. As they say, moderation is the key to life.

Meanwhile, “Make School Lunchroom Cheeseburgers Great Again!”