BREAKING: Planned Parenthood Launches $45 Million Campaign To Back 2020 Dems

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

How flipping obvious does an organization have to be to tell the world (with the help of their media friends) how corrupt they are? Can someone please tell me how this is not a liberal establishment power engaged in essentially money laundering and criminal activity? I mean, really, the slogan for the Democrats and Planned Parenthood should be “I’ll choose to pat your back if you choose to pat mine.  – Deal.”

Planned Parenthood will spend $45 million on the 2020 elections, the nonprofit’s biggest electoral expenditure in its history, according to CBS News.
The money will go toward the presidential election as well as congressional and state House races, according to Planned Parenthood Votes Executive Director Jenny Lawson, who told CBS, “The stakes have never been higher.”

Really, Planned Parenthood? Really? How about we flip the deck on this issue and legally force liberal abortion activist women to contribute a portion of their tax dollars to adoption services and pro-life organizations? What would you say if we then move $45 million of those tax dollars to support only the most conservative political candidates that they don’t support? “God Bless The Pro-Life Movement?” Would you say that?  Because do you remember this little gem of history? I do.

I remember that Obama-moment well, and I still get sick over it. The man forced religious liberty into the trash can. He tried to force Catholic nuns to pay for birth control via his Obamacare bull. Moreover, he had the gall to say “God Bless you” to an organization that thrives and profits on abortion by way of selling and trafficking baby parts.

It boils down to one thing: establishment lies and deceit disguised as women’s rights and healthcare via the art of money laundering deals and moving tax dollars to places that benefit only the liberal agenda. And now, thanks to Hillary Clinton and every Democrat running in the presidential primary, it boils down to supporting infanticide with tax dollars too, whether we like it or not.

It’s all about every women’s right to choose where their tax dollars go, right? And it’s Planned Parenthood’s budget, after all, so butt out, right?