Kaepernick Runs His Mouth About “American Terrorist Attacks” After Killing of Top Iranian General

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I just said to my husband, “I can’t stand Colin Kaepernick”.

His reply, “Why is he even a thing?”

My answer, “Because of NIKE!

Here’s the latest from Kaepernick:

How is it possible to the make the killing of a terrorist who is responsible for the death of hundreds of Americans a race issue?

So infuriating!  The man knows nothing about U.S. history.

I doubt he could even define the word imperialism.  I think he just regurgitates liberal talking points.

America is the greatest force for freedom and liberty the world has ever known.

We went to war with ourselves and lost hundreds of thousands of lives to end slavery!

We have fought long and hard as a country to make sure there is equality for all.

This man is an attention whore who is all about self-promotion. And Nike props him up and legitimizes his idiocy.

I am usually not one to engage in these boycotts that seem to happen all the time nowadays, but I simply cannot buy Nike products anymore.

Kaepernick is a millionaire who constantly complains about being oppressed and trashes the country that gives him the freedom to trash it.

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No shame!