Pete Buttigieg Discusses Abortion With A Seven Year Old

At a New Hampshire town hall this week, Pete Buttigieg answered a question on abortion posed by a seven year old girl.

The girl, who was pro-life, said she believes in a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, but that “you make your decision on whether you’re going to have a child … and the abortion is not part of it.”

Mayor Pete responded with the standard let-women-choose line, glossing over the whole baby killing part of the choice.

“But the way I think about it is that this choice, it’s about drawing a line, and we might each, following our own beliefs, have a different idea about where to draw the line.  What I hope everybody, or at least most of us, can agree on is who gets to draw the line – and that’s the person making the decision, that’s the woman in question.”

So we should just follow our own subjective beliefs on whether a fetus is a human being.  Gotta love the moral relativism.

By the way, check out the sign language interpreter when describing “abortion.”

Slightly disturbing, right?

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